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*sigh* I've been reading fanfiction, original fiction since I was fourteen, I'm twenty seven now.

I've come to love this very much and after many years of waiting for the right time (more like being a coward -_-), I've decided to give this a try.

To whoever may read my stories, I hope you enjoy!

Ha! I saw this in a fic and couldn't resist... so much of this applies to me... or getting ready too... *bricked*

You Know You're A Fanfiction Author When...

Your best friend wants to strangle you because most of those pages are all different fics that she wants to know what happens in.

Oh yeah, I've got a friend right that wants to boil me in oil right now. .

You hope no one sees your Google search history because of some of the odd things you've researched for fics.

OMG YESH, I would definetely have a couple of family members that would think I've got a screw or two loose...

You see certain names when reading books or whatever, and you immediately think of well-known characters from fics you love.


Your computor desk is weighed down by at least a ream of paper from old stories, or stories in progress.

I might not have posted any of what I done but, oh yeah...

Something happens to you or someone else and you automatically file it away for later use in a fic.

Hehe! 8D

You will space out in the middle of a conversation because of an idea for a fic.

Hai! Many times, I still get a kick out of it! My friends have just learned to overlook it.

Your default reaction to red squiggly lines is to 'Add to Dictionary'.

Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Your OC is attracted to another character and you get jealous.

Pffft, so much guilt...XD

You're in the middle of doing something (like a conversation) and a great humor dialogue/scene idea hits you and you start laughing really hard. The people around you ask what is wrong and you start to explain only to end with "Oh, nevermind. You wouldn't get it."

Plenty! 8D *bricked*

You get confused whether something is from an official book or whether it came from a fanfic.


Friends or family ask you what you did last night, and you lie and say something else when you actually spent all evening working on or reading fanfics.

Tralalalala, yeppers!

You have more than three fanfics open in your word processor at once.

I do now @[email protected]

You're somewhere important and the only thing on your mind is rushing home to see if you got anymore reviews for the story you posted that morning.

I can't wait for the experience...

You have a really cool dream, and your first thought upon waking up is to write it down so that you can turn it into a plot for a fic.

Oh yesh, and dream I do... 8D

When you lie in bed at night writing out your next [story] in your head.


Every time you see an interesting name, you write it down and keep it to use for you next OC.


When you annoy your friends asking, "How does that line work? Should I reword it?"

Yep, I think I've had a friend threaten to end me if I didn't give it a rest. XD

All you family and friends know if they interrupt you while you're writing they risk losing their head.


You have at least five plot ideas running through your head right now.


When your computer crashes and you discover your fanfics have all been lost, you spend the next few weeks in counseling.

Put me in a straight jacket and lock me in a padded room! 8D

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