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"When you find love, your world stops-- until you realize you're staring." -Mrs. Frank Hardy

"It's not plagiarism - I'm recycling words, as any good environmentally conscious writer would do." -Uniek Swain

Hello everyone! I'm Krystal! I usually write Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys fanfic's, but I've branched into the fictionpress world lately and I want to share all my seemingly sane works with you!

I tend to cringe when I read some of my earlier works, so I have my mind set on rewriting them, but I have no idea when that'll happen since I am a horrible procrastinator.

Also, I probably won't be able to ever kill anyone who is significant to the actual stories I write about. I just can do it, and whenever I read a story where one of the characters above dies, I cry.

The One-Shots and stories in the Project Progress Report (below) will take a lot longer than the random One-Shots or drabbles I'll put up sometimes. Keep in mind that I also have schoolwork and my Book Reviewing blog to take care of (way top) and I'm sorry if I don't update as planned.

Also, I have gotten a beaten up laptop for the sole purpose of writing, so now I can sit on my bed --like I am now-- and write to my heart's content! This means faster and longer updates; go laptop!

One of my pet peeves is the following--
When people don't speak right and don't use proper grammar and other notables. Like capitalizing. And puncuation. And spelling (Spell Check is your friend!). And the list goes on.
This is why I enjoy beta-reading everyone's stories; to save the world from bad grammar! Or, at least that's what I tell myself. So, if you need help with any stories in the genre's of The Gallagher Girls, Alex Rider, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys, Heist Society or The Inheritance Cyle, then let me know, and I'll beta!

Favorite Things:

Word: Annilhilation
Saying: Me, sarcastic? Never!
Movie: Battleship (Previously R.E.D)
Book: Uh, this is hard. Probably, as of now (6/18/12) Fallen by Lauren Kate. You really just can't go wrong with fallen angels.
Genre: Darn it! I'm ganging up on myself! I can't choose!


Check out my book reviewing site, YAB (Younng Adult Bookworm) which I update every couple days.


Okay, so I am very excited! I got a new site for my writing 'career'! PLEASE visit it at:

Just click on the page entitled: Krystal Rock!

Upcoming stories:

Recollection: A young soldier tries to piece together what happend the night she was shot. This short story follows her on the road to Recollection.


Krystal Rock: A Faerie Tale. -On Haitus

BFF Moments -In Progress

A Dream Come True -In Progress

Melissa's Scare - In Progress

The Life of a... Special Agent -In Progress!

Escape -Finished!

Mathematics -Finished!

On The Battlefield -Finished!

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My life went from bad to worse; I got a job working for my childhood nemesis, he had made my school years a nightmare. He had called me Maxi-pad, Eczema & Miss Mexico. Now, I'm his personal assistant. Excuse me while go cry over my Columbia Law Degree. I know how to hate him, but what happens when he doesn't seem so bad after all? Rated T for sexual tension, banter and other fun!
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I suppose every student in their time has to answer a question like this for an assignment and to be honest, I don't really know why. How can someone answer a question like that when they've never felt it before?
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A Dream Come True reviews
Melissa Caliber has a dream that countinues every night, but when it changes, her whole life becomes a lie.
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Melissa's Scare reviews
A little something I created for school. Thought you might enjoy. I'm horrible at summaries, do just read it and tell me what you think! Note: will countinue with good reviews. INTRODUCTION IS UP!
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This states why I read and write and how it helps me. You may relate! Short FIVE PARAGRAPH self inflicted essay!
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Krystal: A Faerie Tale reviews
Krystal Rock had the perfect life. Well, aside from guy problems. But, when a threat appears and she has no idea who the heck he is will she find out before she's terminated? Rated T to be safe. DISCOUNTINUED!
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