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Hi, fellow writers here because they a) love writing, b) are goofing off, or c) all of the above. Purple Archer here. I’m new on fictionpress. I’m an otaku, although my first story is a regular sci-fi. I love this website because it gives so many people a chance to show their stories. If I hadn't known about this website, I would still be stuck writing stories in notebooks and on my computer that barely anyone would read.

So! About my stories.

This is going to sound crazy, but my inspiration for The Color of Our Eyes came from (I know. Don't judge.) Phineas And Ferb: Across the 2nd Demention. Seriously, don't laugh. Long story. Anyway, I started thinking, "A universe where the kids have to form a Resistance...sounds interesting. I don't know if there are other books out there with the same concept. If there are, I am really not trying to copy a concept.

So, I started drawing a few random characters with cool black and gray outfits. The first one I drew ended up being Robin, and she was originally supposed to be the main character, along with Bunker, and another girl named Shadow. It was supposed to be a story about how she joined the Resistance and about her growing crush on Rifle. Rifle was also supposed to have slightly different personality, but I made some alterations here and there.

Demon's character was supposed to look like Leo Howard. I thought I'd let you all in on that, just in case you had trouble picturing it. And when I say anything about someone having caramel-colored skin, or chocolate-colored skin, I mean the person's black. Just thought it would add a little imagery, and sometimes people get confused with that (I seriously don't get that).

I should be starting a new story within the next couple of weeks/months/more like 6 months, so look out for that! Keep writing, reading, and reviewing. Love you guys!

BTW: I am also on FanFiction. My Pen Name on that is Aoi of the Anarchy, and I do not have any stories up yet, but I will be putting up stories for Manga soon. Maybe a few for Books too.


I will be deleting and editing The Color of Our Eyes soon, becasue I recently had some new ideas to make it better, so don't worry if you've been reading it, it will be posted back up before the end of the summer. Until then, lets hope the new version won't suck. Thanks for all who've read it and actually like it so far. I promise I won't let you guys down! :)

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