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Hi, I'm new and I love to read and write stories.

My name is Univiper and I like fantasy and romance. I'm 13 years old. I perfer happy endings, because the world is such an unhappy place so why add to it? Reading is an escape for me and probably many others. One of the things I like to do is collect quotes and write poetry. Currently I'm working on a fantasy/romance story.

Mythhaven Chronicles Characters:

Vipress(Avalon Rose)- She is the last of the shapeshifters. She is to be the queen of Mythhaven. Her true form is a humanoid tiger with gold eyes, black stripes, and blood-red fur. She can shapeshift into anything(myth and real, humanoid and animalistic). She has a fiery personality, but deep down she is sweet and loving. The form she uses a lot is a fireshadow elf. A fireshadow elf has blood-red skin and hair. It's hair has black streaks and it's skin has black diamonds embedded. It's eyes are gold, but turn red when angry. She usually wears a black skintight leather suit.

Queen Starfire- She is the queen before Vipress and teaches her everything she knows. She is a beautiful elf with white hair, radiant pale skin, bright blue round eyes, angular face, full lips, and wears long flowing white dresses. She used to be a star and when she dies she will turn back into a star and guide people in spirit form.

King Bloodfang- He ia demonic dragon that can turn into a evil wizard. He is the king of Darkwood.

Flame(William Strider)- He is a Darkwoodian and the King's right hand man. He is midnight elf so he has black hair, red eyes, pale skin, and sharp claws and fangs.

More to come

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