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Hello there, all! My name is Holliday!

...No, seriously.

Stop laughing!

Ahem. Anyway, my name is Holliday. As my penname states, please, no Christmas jokes. I find it both amusing and disheartening that every time someone makes a joke about my name, they think they're the first to ever think of it. You're not. You're not original. You're just stupid. So back off.

ANYWHOOZLES. I'm 17, pretty darn tall, and a total nerd. Minus the smarts. I'm good with literature, grammar, and other things of that nature, but, other than that, I'm a dunce. But I take comfort in the fact taht there are people out there stupider than me, and a lot of them are part of my family. So. Yeah.

I like to draw, though I'm a long way from an accomplished artist. And I like to write, though I'm not too fantabulous at that either. I'm getting there, though. I have a pretty simplistic writing style. I don't get all deep and profound and mindfucky, but I do tell stories of characters I created and nurtured with love, and much "IF YOU DON'T COOPERATE IN THIS DAMN DRAWING, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU OFF IN MY NEXT STORY, SO HELP ME--"

I'm demented. Seriously. Turn back now. I LOVE to write about sex. I also like to write about gay people. Put those two together, and you get GAY SEX. So, yeah. I'm one of those people. Don't like it? Go ahead and flame. I absolutely live to torment anyone who isn't smart enough to read a freakin' warning. Enjoy my fanfictions, people, or enjoy me laughing at your disgust/misery/mental scarrage/horror/rage.

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