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A little bit about me: Well... I'm a female, if that counts for anything. I'm an uber-nerd :D. :) I live with my mom and I am currently a senior in high school. I have a HUGE family of eight, and it nearly drives me crazy. I love spending time with my crazy, stupid, awesome friends, we are so close that my best friends and I might as well be siblings. I also think that you should know that I am pretty flipping crazy (it's clear in my writing), but once you meet me you can't help but love me. I have tons of friends and all of them call me Fish and not my real name :D I really love talking to people and I'm generally a friendly person. My life pretty much revolves around family and band (that's the same thing, right?) so my schedule can be packed. I try to update whenever I can, but it usually happens sporadically.

I love to write. It is my way of just hiding from the troubles my life, even if only for a few hours. When I write, I feel like I can be who ever I want to be, and just not care what people think of me. I can say what I want, and not get caught up in all the crap going on at the time. When I'm having a bad day I like to turn on my music and just go write. That's why I am on this site, so I can put my stories up and get some feedback. Unfortunately, my packed schedule doesn't allow for writing.

Quotes that I love and think I should share (because why the heck not?):

"He shines like the moon on a dark night. Even now that I know he's evil, I have to say that."Miranda [Impossible]

Peeta: Make bread, not war! Gale: I'm going to the woods to shoot some bunnies -_-

"I'll take this potato chip... AND EAT IT!" Light from Death Note

"Verweilung, auch am Verstrautesten nicht, ist uns gegeben" - We are not allowed to linger, even with what is most intimate. From Rainer Maria Rilke

Well I think that is all... If you need to know anything else that I forgot to mention, then just send me a PM and ask if it's important.

Update 9/20/12

Hello to anyone out there that might be following me, but I have recently started a collaboration account with my best friend. We are currently working on one story, but since it is so brand new, none of the chapters are up! We go by dorkphoenix and you can go to my favorites if you are interested in reading when we update this Friday. (wink wink, nudge nudge) The story we are working on is titled After the Storm, and I promise it will be a mind blower with its sheer awesomeness :D Thanks! -Fishe

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