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101 Facts About Me You Didn't Know and Probably Didn't Want To Know:

1. My name is Montana

2. I have long brown hair and sometimes I get confused for a blond

3. I'm a bit of a loon

4. My favorite color is green

5. I hate the word panties

6. It killed me just to type that

7. I hate people

8. I don't trust people

9. I'm an 8th grader in Hell- I mean Junior High

10. I get bullied on a daily basis

11. I'm pretty honest, execpt when you ask about my parents

12. I will make up every excuse possible to keep people from coming to my house

13. I'll do the same for going to people's house's

14. I'll be 14 on the 14th

15. Even though my dad hates cats, I like them the most

16. I look just like my father

17. My favorite number is 17

18. I hate chickens

19. I hate the color yellow

20. I don't trust the teachers at my school

21. I've had dreams where I kill people before

22. I think I'm a little bit of a loon

23. I hate my body

24. I hate my writing

25. I hate my friends

26. I love my friends

27. I hate boys

28. I hate girls

29. I prefer to spend all my time alone

30. I hate ceral

31. I don't like chocolate that much

32. I quit Spanish because I was afraid I wouldn't pass

33. Until about a year ago I was the tallest person my age

34. Now that I'm not, I wish I had never been

35. I think I'm a horrible singer

36. I love Ke$ha

37. I hate guys who flirt with girls just to mess with them

38. I hate girls who hate themselves

39. I hate when I get called a lesbian

40. I'm not a lesbian

41. I hate people like me

42. I hate that I like the people I like

43. I've been in love once

44. I regret loving him

45. I love fire

46. Whenever I'm bored, I pretend I'm dead and think about how people would feel

47. Sometimes I feel like I'm just going to cry

48. Sometimes I just cry

49. I hate marrige

50. I don't want to get married

51. I can't picture myself married

52. I can't picture myself over the age of 15

53. I never tell people the truth anymore

54. When I do tell people the truth, they end up hating me for it

55. I'm digusted with everyone I've every met

56. I hate most of my family

57. I'm a kleptomaniac

58. I hate my father

59. I don't trust the police

60. I'm convinced my internet's wired

61. I don't write in my diary anymore because I thought people were reading it

62. I wrote this between commercials

63. My favorite smell in the world is the smell of a new book

64. I hate casual Fridays

65. I think we should spell Fridays like this instead: Fridaies

66. I want to quit this list

67. I can't stand whenever stuff is under my finger-nails

68. I let two boys I know read my diary once

69. I liked one of them

70. I don't trust my friends

71. This list is longer than I want it to be

72. I pretend I'm Christian, but I'm not

73. I'm afraid of horses

74. I'm afraid of commitment

75. I'm afraid that I'll get my heart broken

76. Whenver someone says something bad about me, I believe them

77. I don't believe them when it's good

78. I die a little inside whenever I don't speak my mind

79. I wish all my friends would just quit talking to me and get it over with

80. I'm convinced the only person that really cares about me is my mother

81. I think that my best feature is my hair

82. Because I can hide behind it

83. I think everything is wrong with me

84. I wish I could tell everyone to sod off and be done with it

85. The guy I love will never love me back

86. I wear six braclets consistantly

87. I hate wearing jewlrey

88. I can't go without wearing a necklace

89. I wish I were popular

90. I wish I were skinny

91. I wish I looked like every girl I hate

92. I hate by association

93. People hate me, so I hate them

94. I think everyone talks about me behind my back

95. I'll do anything for a laugh

96. I have several imaginary friends

97. This list is a lot longer than I expected

98. I have a love hate relationship with my father

99. I don't cry when people die because it doesn't really upset me

100. I love anything to do with Greece or Ancient Greece

101. This took way to long

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