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Name: Murasaki, Hiro, Peach, Shizuka, anything OvO You can give me nicknames if you want as long as it's not offensive

Gender: Female at heart! But I can be boyish sometimes XD

Hobbies: Overusing emoticons, manga, anime, music, drawing, playing instruments, games, stalking, surfing the net, procrastinating, sleeping, observing people, reading, fantasizing, and probably more OwO

About me: I want to be a mangaka and I'm very determined to be one (_)/ I'm improving my drawing so I'm writing down my ideas for my manga in here, to know how other people feel about my stories and improve. I'm not really that good at describing things unless I have a proper image in my mind. I have a good memory, and most of my ideas come from my dreams with a little revising.

I'm also studying Japanese, self-study to be exact XD But I have a lot of friends that are good in Japanese so when I have problems with a certain kanji or sentence, I will ask them :3 I may have a long road ahead of my but, I believe I can do it! :)

English isn't my first language, so there's some mistakes here and there sometimes... Sorry about that m(_ _)m Hontou ni gomenasai...

Links: (Not like anyone cares...)


On-going Manga:

Kenkon (Heaven and Earth)

It is about Shizuo Sai and Yuuta Ryuu on their mission to exorcise a ghost in an isolated island. Just when they were done with the mission things didn't go well and they were sent to another dimension.

Genre: Romance, fantasy, supernatural, action, ecchi, reverse harem, yaoi, yuri, genderbender, mystery (Pretty much everything ; lmao)

Future Manga:

Too many to metion! XD I've got like 15 manga in my mind lol, but I think I'll just stick to one right now. Or else my brain might bleed @_@

Skull Masters by Richard Omega reviews
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Kenkon reviews
A middle-aged man and a teenage girl, exorcising ghosts are then sent to another world. What was long forgotten in the past, will be remembered. Can what was already done be mended, or not. Rated T I guess? I might change it later.
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