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Firstly, for all Black Blood readers...

I tweaked a bitーbah, what's the point. I'm not gonna cover this up: I did a major change for Black Blood. You could either hate it or love it now, but I found out recently that werewolves aren't really an effective theme. I decided to change the werewolves' part into something that's at least a bit more popular. Now you know I hate horror, but as long as they're in bishie form and nothing too gore I'm A-OK: demons. There you go, Yuuya Keiichi is hereby a demon. Oh, and he's got some weird tattoo on the back side on the base of his left neck. And the rest of the Wolf Hunters are now Demon Exorcists.

Another major change (but not as major as the demon thing, tho) was the title. I changed the title, so my story is now entitled 'Black Cross’.

I also changed Akemi's hairstyle (I said Akemi and her only) into something less childish and more understandable (if I explain it using words, that is). Her hair still maintains the original length and colour I planned for her to have (as she currently has in the ongoing story), but the difference lies with her side-swept half-ponytail, so now her hair is loose all the way to her shoulders.

She has this necklace, but find that out in the story. Oh by the way I changed some names:

Yuuya Keiichi into Yuuya Ikuto

Akane Ikuto into Akane Takuya

I hope you remember them while reading! :)

And of course, as the narrator in the third-person view, I decided to call them by their given names and not last names. So it would be something like, "Ikuto said..." or "Takuya shot..." and such. (You remembered their given names, right?) Read the story if you're curious to find out what I had changed.

Kay, now onto my profile:

Hi and welcome! I don't know how you ended up in here, but well...my profile is free for anyone to read. I'm a female schoolgirl (I'm 14) and I live in Nishi-Kasai,Tokyo. I'm trying to improve, if not perfect, my English and as well as Mandarin (but mostly English because it's the international language) so I got the idea to write stories in English. My cousin fromIndonesiarecommend Ficpress, so here I am!

By the way...I just noticed that my country in my profile is notJapan, butIndonesiainstead! I don't know how this happened, but I remember asking my cousin (the one inIndonesia) for help to make me this account, because I heard that you need to wait for a certain period of time before you can publish a story and I was super busy with school at that particular time. Of course I hate waiting long because I had my rough draft ready...then she made this account under my request...and I guess that was how it actually happened, because there's no other logical explanation for this. Can anyone tell me how to change it back toJapan, please? ^^" I'd appreciate it.

Anyway, you don't have to call me by 'kobasakichu7' if you feel it's too much of a mouthful. My name is Kobayashi Saki, so refer to that if you'd like.

My preferences:

- When drawing: I prefer COPIC markers when drawing manga, and Ms. Paint when doing anime illustrations.

- Dog or cat? : I'm a strict dog person. But I'm allergic to them, sadly.

- Sport : I like jogging, skipping, volley, badminton and cycling. The area I live in is surrounded by parks, so...yeah.

- Music : I like K-pop, instrumental and classical music. I like K-pop because their songs are slightly lighter and more creative than the Japanese ones (I like the boy-bands better) but my current obsession with instrumental musics are those composed by Maeguchi Wataru.

- Fashion : Don't askーI also don't know why I look better in apparel that looks young and somewhat childish. Ugh.

- Food and drinks : I like Japanese food, of course, but I can't seem to take the taste of Italian food out of my mind. And as for drinks, I like tea and home-made fruit juice. Oh, and anything sweet will do for me, too.

- Past time : Studying, reading, listening to music, drawing, study some more, do my blogs and update stories, study again...

Kyoto or Akihabara? :Kyoto. I don't like gothic and cosplays and prefer historical sites.

- What I hate: Horror. God, don't show me those horror (ghosts and legendary Sadako-look-alikes) and over-the-moon sadistic pictures. I also seem to avoid M-rated stuff.

- I'm more likely to R&R stories that are : Manga and romance. Any second genres will do (as long as they're not horror) and I prefer T-rated. I usually avoid M and thought that K or K+ lacks the suspense and excitements of stories in T. Romance had to be the one of the genres, because that means a lot of love is involved (and it happens in our lives, consciously or unconsciously). I prefer stories with love triangles, since it makes us eager to know what would happen next. Personally, I like stories that have a good start with a mix of: comedy, a bit of hurt/comfort near the end of the story and has an ending the readers could never thought of, but would otherwise be satisfying for them. And about the second genre besides romance...supernatural would usually be my first choice. You know, vampires, werewolves, reapers, angels, those stuff (but please have it in mind that I would avoid ghosts and stuff that haunts me for months before I can finally get a good night's sleep, and that I would take the guys as bishonen characters. Nothing too gruesome). I tend to drop a story I read from others if I felt that it had reached the point where the author is trying to make a story lasts longer to hold the suspense, but in actuality they're dilly-dallying it.

I have an account in:

- YouTube (pen name: kobasakichu7. I use it to comment on vids and upload my own, if I have anything interesting caught on tape. There's this one person under the name AnimeAmerica Podcast there. I like the videos she uploads because they're original and fun.

- DeviantArt (pen name: kobasakichu7. I wanted to improve my drawings, manga to be exact. I forgot to tell you that. Hey, I might do a fan art if I like a character in an interesting story.)

- Smackjeeves (pen name: kobasakichu7. Yeah, this site is the heaven for all original manga artists who are looking for sites which publish their original manga online for all to see. I'm currently planning to turn my stories into manga, if I have the time and if the stories have reached a certain chapter.)

- Jugem (my blogs. In Japanese, so probably English readers might need to use Google translator or dictionaries (good for you who understand Japanese) if they want to know a lot about me. This is the URL: )

- Twitter (pen name: kobasakichu7. I don't really use Twitter a lot anymore. After all, almost 90% of my tweets are in Japanese.)

- KwikSurvey (I actually like to use this much more than Ficpress' survey service. It's a lot better.)

But don’t go checking my other accounts aside from my FictionPress just yet. I haven’t really done anything in them, because I’m still preparing for the last exams.

You'll find my stories full of romance and love triangles, too. And if you notice, my stories are all shojo, so usually the girl would be the leading character and she would be the one with the most problems.

That's all and thank you for visiting my profile! Have a great day! :D

Black Cross reviews
Tsukimura Akemi's life is torn between her childhood friend that is slowly turning into a demon and is currently the main target of a heartthrob schoolmate—who is a Demon Exorcist. Little did she know that she's more deeply involved than she thinks.
Fiction: Manga - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,260 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 1 - Updated: 11/9/2011 - Published: 10/12/2011