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Hi there,

I also have an account at FanFiction.net with the same pen name. If you like my material you should check that out as well. I've also published a novellas and short stories in the Kindle Worlds program on Amazon. I am the most prolific writer in "the Lizzy Gardner Files" series and the Valiant Comics' series "Harbinger", "Unity", and "Bloodsport".

I took my degree in History 17 years ago. I've worked a variety of odd jobs during school and settled on being a social worker dealing with abused kids. Sadly, I am no longer able to continue in that vein. I have been disabled since 2001. The upside is that I have more time to read, write, and study.

My disability, as it effects my writing, is a mental illness. I am Bipolar 1 with psychotic features. This can work to my advantage and give me a flurry of ideas or I can be mentally and emotionally crippled and not update for months. I'm sorry if this causes any ire but it can't be helped. I'm on a handful of medications that could stun a bull rhino. At times I'm just lucky to be conscious much less writing anything. I'm on a quest to prove the mentally ill can still fit in with the rest of society. There, you've been warned.

My passion for books and comics primarily extends to works by Mike Shepherd, Jack Higgins, Chris Claremont, John Byrne, George Perez, Marv Wolfman, Paul Levitz, J.M. DeMatteis, Joss Whedon, David Weber, Peter David, Elizabeth Moon, S.D. Perry, Britta Dennison, David Mack, Dayton Ward, Timothy Zahn, Terry Pratchett, J.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, John Vornholt, William Shatner (Yes, I know other people do the actual writing but his plots are surprisingly good), Lois McMaster Bujold, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Wander Bonano.

These people have, and continue to, inspired me throughout the years. Much of my writing style has been influenced by them, particularly Jack Higgins, Mike Shepherd, David Weber, Peter David, Chris Claremont, and John Byrne. Everyone else is mixed in there as well but those are the primary culprits.

Favorite artists include: Amanda Conner, John Byrne, George Perez, Jim Lee, Paul Smith, Chris Sprouse, Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, Mike Zeck, Jerry Bingham, Steve Ditko, Keith Giffen, Adam Hughes, Kevin Macguire, Al Williamson, Joe Quesada, Neal Adams, Art Thibert, Walter Simonson, Jim Aparo, Joe Madiera, Alan Davis, Michael Golden, Jackson Guice, Edward Hopper, and Rembrandt van Rijn.

My favorite historians include: Robert K. Massie, Robert Service, James L. Stokesbury, and Orlando Figes. It's mostly Russian history. So I'm biased. So what?

My stories range from space opera, adventure thrillers, to whatever I come up with next. I have no training in writing fiction, having never taken a single class in creative writing. I've been trained to write history papers. So if my material seems dry, now you know the why of it.

Feedback is always appreciated. I'd like to know what I'm doing right or wrong so that I can either repeat the good stuff or change whatever didn't work in the future.

Thanks for reading my material. You took a risk on being disappointed and I hope you weren't.

If you've made it this far you're ready for the last bit of news: I am an evangelical Christian.

Some of you may find that surprising given some of the choices that my characters make or the situations they find themselves in but that's okay. I use my stpries as a reflection of reality, in so much as fantasy can be, and do not slap people in the face with my own beliefs or thought processes.

I'll run counter to my self proclaimation for this one single pitch: I believe one is saved by the grace of God by the shed blood and death of His Son, Jesus Christ; metaphorically and literally. This grace is received through faith in the redemptive power of God and of His literal resurrection from the grave.

This applies to anyone that has faith. There's no requirements, no catch-22's, just faith.

That's it. Call me a hypocrite for including my statement of faith but my own conscience demanded that I do so. Take that for what you will.

I Asked God

I asked God to take away my bad habit.

God said, "No.

It is not for me to take away,

but for you to give it up."

I asked God to make my handicapped cousin whole.

God said, "No.

His spirit is whole;

his body is only temporary."

I asked God to grant me patience.

God said, "No.

Patience is a byproduct of tribulations.

It isn't granted;

it is learned."

I asked God to give me happiness.

God said, "No.

I give you blessings.

Happiness is up to you."

I asked God to spare me pain.

God said, "No.

Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares

and brings you closer to me."

I asked God to make my spirit grow.

God said, "No.

You must grow on your own,

but I will prune you to make you fruitful."

I asked God for all things

so that I might enjoy life.

God said, "No.

I will give you life

so you may enjoy all things."

I asked God to help me love others

as much as He loves me.

God said, "Ahh, finally, you have the idea.

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