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NEW WATTPAD!!!! -- http:///user/xoLiveLifeLOUDxo

I was too lazy to write a new I just ended up copying my one from fanfiction

AAAAAHH I tried to upload a new story but fictionpress says that I need to wait two days to upload one...NOOOOOO

Name - something so confidential I'd have to steal your tub of ice cream if you asked ;D

Age - ssh

Location - here in there ;D

PROGRESS OF (FINALLY) READING MAXIMUM RIDE: ANGEL (...i honeslty don't know why i felt like writing about myself in the third person) :

1:00pm Screams with rage when Max blushes at Dylan

2:00pm Continously bashes the book when Fang starts to have... 'feelings' for Maya

2:30pm Jumps on the book when Max and Dylan cuddle


8:30pm Jumps around with glee when max meets fang and his bloody fanganatic (haha... get it? fang+fanatic=fanganatic :) ) club in the restaurant

8:45pm START BASHING/HITTING/SCREAMING/JUMPING/RAGING/SHRIEKING when Max and Fang get at each other's throats (well...its actually max who was arguing the most

8:50pm Cringes when Dylan erupts into love songs in the middle of a food fight...(I honestly would not have been surprised if he and max ended up doing some sort of High School Musical duet ...i honestly thought max was going to join in...). Slams book and wills herself to open it up again.


9:00pm Still glares at the book and trying to push down any anger from erupting...

9:05pm Contiously curses and is on the verge of crying BECAUSE MY MOST FAVOURITE SERIES. EVER. IS TURNING INTO A DEMON.

9:10pm Gives up on reading the book...for now. Has a nice cup of tea and opens up 'Forever' by Maggie Stiefvator and instantly starts drooling at Sam...that is until she start comparing him to Fang.

Just as my username says - always LIVE your LIFE LOUD!!! I know that may sound as cheesy as hell - but its true :) I have too many cheesy mottos stuck in my head but they help me believe that I can go on. Stay strong and never give up - life's a journey which will always have an end so make it worth while. Never be ashamed of your mistakes - nobody can be perfect. Never take things for granted because, before you know it, people may be gone in a blink of an eye...and that's when you realise how much you really loved them.

So, my most favourite books of all time I have no clue but I am proud to say that I am a...

Maximum Ride freak, Percy Jackson fanatic, love anything by Alexandra Harvey, Blue Bloods fan,commited Mortal Instruments freak (arguably one of the BEST teen fiction series around) House of Night ..and gosh I have a brain freeze. There are way too many books to list here...I'll just leave it there for now.

One thing I am NOT PROUD OF...I used to be a Twi-Hard...then I saw the light and realised that a)Edward is an unattractive walking disco ball b) Jacob was born to be a stripper...that boy needs to learn to hide his chest.. c) Bella is an absolute wimp. Gosh, leave it to the disco ball with legs and the hairy mutt to save your ass EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Music is my life :) *Paramore*My Chemical Romance*Avril Lavigne*Avenged Sevenfold*BVB*The Pretty Reckless*Demi Lovato*The xx*The Goo Goo Dolls*The Naked and Famous*nevershoutnever*Warpaint*The Veronicas*Linkin Park*30 Seconds To Mars*Foster The People*

So, toot toot, amazing people. Lemme get back to making this amazing profile once my brain promises to work for once ;D

IMPORTANT - All my stories are copyrighted (i.e. no one steal them otherwise I'l have to do some serious butt-kicking) So, I assure you that the stories I post on here are MINE and I have confirmed on my wattpad profile that this is the same person (as in same person on wattpad and fanfiction) :)

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Waiting For A Miracle
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