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Hello, friends, my name is Sky, but you can just call me Lord Dictator Sky. I am an avid writer, reader, and doodler, and I hope you find my jokes amusing.

I am here on this lovely site because a good friend of mine suggested it to me. I was going to start an account on Wattpad, but... Alas... The site terrifies me, filled with cheesy stories and cliche titles... -shudder-

And thus, here I am! Allow me to tell you about myself, as I doubt anyone actually reads this.

My name--wait for it--is not actually Lord Dictator Sky. I know, I know. It's crazy. Nor do people refer to me as PyroSky. Wierd, no? Truthfully, I chose this name because my true name is very boring. Yes, this shocking confession must... well... shock you.

Anyway, I shall continue. It is my dream to be a writer, and thus I hope to have some third-person people point out the flaws in my writing that family and friends politely ignore ;P

But not only do I enjoy writing, I love to read. If you wish for me to read your work, or a work you enjoy, just message me. I have a few guidelines, however.

1: If there is a vampire, a werewolf, or a halfblood, you better pray on the blood of a virgin sacrafice that it's not Twilight-esque, or I will probably be angry. Actually, I really just wanted to say "pray on the blood of a virgin sacrafise". I probably won't be mad. I'll most likely just ignore any messages I get from you from then on out.
2: If it is void of the wonders of Spellcheck (an issue I admit that I have), please refer to condition 1.
3: Please no completely sappy love story. I love a good romance as much as the next Overlord Dictator, but I expect it to have an actual plot and not just "Boy meet girl. Girl and boy do bowchikabowwow". (Once more, I just really wanted to say that). Please refer to condition 1 for results of ignoring condition 3.

That's enough for rules, because I'm bored with them. Here are things I look for in a story:
1: Compelling plot
2: Somewhat humerous, if possible. Even the OLD (Overlord Dictator) likes a good lau--wait a second, that spells Old D: That was unintended!
3: I highly suggest using an outline, because if I feel that you're just running around the place, I will probably be bored--because Sky has a problem concentrating xD

That's enough. Although I talk like a robot/ British person, I promise, I'm actually quite a funny person. Right now, I bet all of you are casually rereading some of the things I said, but with a British accent, aren't you?
Haha, well, I just wanted to make an impression on the people of Fictionpress. I hope you accept the crazy Sky into your fraternity of writerhood, and bid me well.

Yes, I believe that covers everything you need to know. Yes, I chose not to put any personal details: If I /do/ write something, I don't want any of my stalkers to find me, now do I? See? There's my winning arrogant humor. If you get to know me, you'll get used to it.

On a side note, if anyone has any requests for me to write (to test and see if I'm just talkin' all fancy like and such) I'd gladly try. If you'd like my to critique, I would love to, but please remember that I am Spartan. I am usually free, so just message me, and I'll get to it right away. Please note: I WILL point out any mistake I see. That means spelling and grammar. I get annoyed easily, so just click the button, and fix your mistakes, please.

Well, kids, in the immortal words of a person I accidentally prank-texted, Good Luck and Godspeed!
(On a side note, I got bored and just copy and pasted the latter part of this profile from my account on Wattpad. Sue me. [Please don't sue me])

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