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Hey there, Word World!

Yes, this is the original CC333 from FanFiction talking (please, try not to faint). I've figured that what I've really been craving lately was some feedback on some of my random dabbles, so what a better a place than FictionPress. Now, stop breathing into your paper bag, I'll still be writing for FanFiction. That would be physically impossible. Literally. I'm genetically engineered to write. If I didn't, my purpose would be obsolete.

So...the next thing you're probably wondering now is what you can expect to be coming from the CC Factory of Fiction. Well, obviously, some cute little one shots should obviously be expected. Probably a good amount of teen fiction. Who knows, I may even dip a little into the Romance Section *eyebrow wiggle*.

Well until then, this is the Queen of Everything Ridiculous and Fun signing off


For more useless facts about me see below:

Age: Between 15-21...

Gender: Female

Fav Color: Orange

Fav Food: smoothies count?

Future Occupation: Certified Cardiologist

When I'm bored, other than writing, I...: read, draw, hang out with friends, dance in my living room with imaginary male partner

Fav Place in the Whole Wide World: The chair of my computer and a scenic oasis featuring a waterfall and mermen come to a tie ;)

Fav feeling: Being with my class and doing something that is exculusive only to us together, when all cliches are almost forgotten, and feeling comfortable and united with everyone (yeah, I'm mushy like that)

Fav Singer: Beyonce

Fav Musical Artist: Watsky

Fav Fictional Character: Spock (Star Trek)

Fav Animal: Manatee, dog, and cat

Pet?: Yep, a beautiful white cat named Snow and an energetic calico cat named Lyza.

Residence: Two Story House w/ basement

Dream House: Modern House with warm colors and big windows. Lots of natrual light and a lakefront

Dream Man: tall, handsome, christian, respectful to me and my family, employed (or better yet, is his own boss), and loves me :D *tear*

IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? ...Yes, yes it is.

What else is there to tell about me? Not much, lol. I mean, I'm sure there is, but this girl is too perezosa to try and overthink it.

Happy Holidays to all!

As a small token of appreciation to, well, the world, I am going to incredibly hard to update all my stories that need updating on both FictionPress and Fanfiction. Thanks for your patience.

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Second Wind by luckynamegame reviews
Scavenged from the sea to a 'work-or-die' cargo ship in 2650, a girl with a serious case of amensia must both lose and find herself in order to survive. But will this stubborn, overemotional and clueless girl even stand a chance in these hard times?
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Spin the Bottle by coco-pops reviews
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Planet E40 reviews
Zoresk was a "normal" human citizen on the huge melting pot planet, E40. This and its sister planets are located in the center of the known universe. Aliens of all shapes and sizes try their best to live in harmony, though it's not always easy. Zoresk discovers this first hand and gets caught up in a major scheme thanks to her strange, male, not half bad looking neighbor. R&R
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The MatchMaker Chronicles:Book One:Calista's Story reviews
Calista Acutus is a hybrid between a full-blooded fairy mother and human father. She knew she was different from the other children she grew up with. Despite her ancestry, Calista goes a good "normal" 23 years until she becomes entangled with the magical match company, Cupid Incorporated, ran by the Greek God himself. How will Calista act when dark, nubile trouble comes her way?
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 735 - Reviews: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 5/31/2012