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Hi guys!

So I'm more into writing Fanfiction than my own stuff but you know, I might get the occasional bug to write something that is completely mine and I'll ask you nicely not to steal any of my work!

I absolutely love writing I've been writing since I was a freshman in high school, and now I'm a Sophomore in college. Crazy how it stuck with me, right? I mean I've always loved reading and English, but I never really sat down and wrote my first story until freshman year. I will never post it just because It was a really bad story, but I might edit it and post it's better version(;.

What do I love? Dogs, thunderstorms, very cliche things, painting my nails, sketching clothes, sewing, cuddling, going to the movies with my aunt, and my absolute favorite thing just chilling watching a hockey game with my boyfriend(: .

What do I hate? Whenever people provoke me to become mad, girls who wear to much make-up and not enough clothes, that stupid duck face people do in pictures, that weird way kids talk these days like 'I be tight' when they're mad (I mean really who talks like that?), liars, cheaters, test/quizzes, and homework.

So that's it. I'll probably almost never put my own story up here, so go on my Fanfiction:

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Beautiful Mistakes by Sam Mariano reviews
Julie the straight A student may know what she's doing in college, but when it comes to her love life she can't seem to get it right. Why would she move in with her ex? When she accidentally lands a nanny job, it seems things are looking up- but are they?
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Beautiful and spoiled, Olivia Pennant meets her match in Royce Easton, the Duke of Sutherfield, who can t find a single redeeming quality about her.
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What was once a "nice" relationship has now become a collosal nightmare. After dealing with weeks of abuse, Amy tries to break-up with her boyfriend, Victor, but soon finds it to be the biggest mistake of her life. When he tries to win her back and promises to change for her, she becomes torn between having the "good" Victor back, or suffering more abuse. Hell or high water?
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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Vaudeville reviews
He's a millionaire playboy. She's a girl who's just trying to get by. They were best friends growing up but five years can really change a person.
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Dear Diary by amezz reviews
“You’re reading my diary!” she yelled at him hot tears springing into her eyes. “I can’t believe you would do that Tyson!” ONESHOT!
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Win His Girl by katnmouse94 reviews
*ONESHOT* There were over a thousand pairs of eyes watching him, over a thousand pairs of ears listening to him. And somehow, he couldn't stop himself from caring more about what one girl thought than all the rest combined.
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Internally Yours by The Lost Phantom reviews
COMPLETE! A student and teacher's forbidden, passionate romance. A father's dark obsession. When these two things are placed in the same setting, lives will change, lies will be told, and love will not be defeated... if Will and Stacey can help it.
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Little Miss Perfect by candii-apple reviews
“How about a movie? Saturday night? Just you and me.” I scowled. “How about you get the hell off my desk before I kick your fat ass off it?” He grinned at me, unfazed. “You just can’t get enough of my ass, can you?” ONESHOT
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Unfold by LiME-GREEN-CAPES reviews
“I hate you.” He told me openly as we sat inside our classroom. “Aw. I hate you too sweetheart.” I replied sharply. And then, moments later, when the class had flied out, he turned towards me, pushed me against the wall and kissed me senseless.
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The Bluest Eyes by Vivian Locke reviews
Matthew Braun has spent his entire university career building his reputation as the main playboy on campus. That is until his friends bet him 500 dollars that he could never get the most stuckup bookworm, Rayne Johnson, to spend a night with him.
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What Are the Odds by The Mischievous One reviews
Samantha was never really on Brandon's radar until a bet was made with his sycophants. The bet was simple: get her into bed and find out what kind of person she is. So what are the odds of falling for her and she for him? Sequel to Railroad Tracks.
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All About You by Melody1 reviews
Popular Devon meets and uses innocent Sophie to get his exgirlfriend back. But after it's all done, does he get who he really wants? THE CONTINUATION HAS BEEN MOVED TO A SEPARATE DOCUMENT see my profile Please Read and Review. I'd really appreciate it.
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