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Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm a dude whose abilities include playing the piano and writing, although I'm still an amateur at both. My writing, though intended to be suitable for novels, is notably inspired by Japanese visual novels which are translated into English. I am always looking to improve, taking constructive criticism and such very well. The littlest of feedback can go the longest of ways.

For those looking for a terrific forum in the manga section, check out the RAOSC. Weekly story discussions, chat threads, awards, and much more fun is in store.


20 April, 2014: Vermillion, Overture of the Boys V is up. Currently writing chapter 1 of Ballade in F Minor.

Story ideas and drafts (all have an anime/manga theme in mind)

Title: Ballade in F Minor

This story will be put into its first rewrite.

Notable themes: Music. Love.

POV: First person (Leila Shaw)

Objectionable content: Sexual themes (mild, infrequent, and implicit).

Extended Summary: Infinity Conservatoire, one of the world's leading conservatories based in London, England boasting an acceptance rate of only 8.8%, making it one of the most selective music schools in history. Blazing through the classical music competitive auditions and newly dubbed as a student in this prestigious conservatory is nineteen-year-old Miss Leila Shaw, a pianist priding herself in her near-matchless technical skill. Leila is a beautiful, yet rigorous girl who desires fame and recognition above everything else. Almost everyone in the music academy has heard of her and her competition winning track record, and with high profile events and competitions coming up giving students a chance to secure themselves prosperous professional contracts, Leila is among the first to gun for the many opportunities.

However, with strong, famous rivals and hard-to-please promoters and professional musicians, she is naive to think that it will be easy even for her.

"Musicians like you are famous not for your music, but your name. You all sound the same. Without inspiration."

One day, a boy in one of her classes exclaimed that to her face after she landed herself in an argument with him. Who does he think he is? In fact, who is he? She's never even heard of his name before.

"Oh really? Tell you what. If you can even qualify for the yearly Infinity Conservatoire Piano Concours, I'll deign to answer any one request you have."

Little does she know, her meeting with this boy will rekindle a rivalry stretching back to the day when she entered her first piano concours as a preteen.

Main inspirations: Nodame Catabile. Nana. White Album 2.

Wikipedia on Ballade No.4 in F Minor, Op. 52, by Frederic Chopin: "Of the four [Chopin] Ballades, it is considered by most pianists to be the most difficult, both technically and musically."

According to John Ogdon, "[it is] the most exalted, intense and sublimely powerful of all Chopin's compositions ... It is unbelievable that it lasts only twelve minutes, for it contains the experience of a lifetime."

"Pianists all over the world cannot get this piece right."

Draft of CHARACTER PROFILES for Ballade in F Minor


1. Leila Shaw

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Nationality: British

Instruments: Piano, Violin

Favorite composers: J. S. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven

Character summary: Considered a piano prodigy since she was young, Leila Shaw is a beautiful, rigorous pianist with near-peerless technical skill and a competition winning track record. Desiring fame and recognition more than anything else, Leila directs most of her focus towards a professional career. She practices very strictly in order to be able to market her musicianship to as many people as possible, and is reputed to be highly knowledgeable about the technicalities of music.

She was offered a scholarship to study in Infinity Conservatoire provided she passes their highly selective auditions, which she succeeded with relative ease. In her first semester alone, she aims to enter the annual Infinity Conservatoire Piano Concours, an international piano competition eyed by world-renowned producers, promoters, and professional musicians, and she will accept nothing less than victory. She has a tendency to kindle rivalries on the spot.

Some of the supporting cast:

1. Chester Clifford

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Nationality: British

Instruments: Violin, Viola

Favorite composers: Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven

Character summary: A violinist in the Infinity Conservatoire First Student Orchestra, Chester is Leila's boyfriend and is currently in his second year with the conservatory. His ambition is to become a renowned violinist playing in the Infinity Philharmonic, one of the world's leading orchestras. An outgoing and charming boy, Leila finds comfort and relief in his light, fun personality. His violin playing is known to contain spurts of overly energetic bursts, something which Leila occasionally calls him out for, often laughing with him about it.


2. Nina Elwyn

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Nationality: British

Instruments: Piano, Vocals

Favorite composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Liszt

Character summary: A gorgeous, friendly girl with a mature, alluring smile. Nina Elwyn is a famous competition winning pianist like Leila, and they both immediately mark one another as rivals without even exchanging a word. Now in her second year with the conservatoire, Nina has decided to take part in the Infinity Conservatoire Piano Concours for the first time, her decision not to participate in the previous year baffling many teachers and students. Often seen with a posse of girls, Nina is considered to be one of the idols in the conservatory. Though she personally acknowledges her technical inferiority against Leila Shaw, she takes pride in her vast dynamic range, and her experience in singing augments her piano playing with a cantabile sound.


3. Karina Gusarova

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Nationality: Russian

Instrument: Piano

Favorite composers: Frederic Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff

Character summary: Having flown all the way from Russia to enter the Infinity Conservatoire through a scholarship, Karina barely made it past the auditions and is now a first year piano student sharing classes with Leila Shaw. A shy and reserved girl, she gets through the days with a bright grin that makes everyone's day. She admires Leila Shaw and her playing, and immediately aspires to be Leila's friend. However, her timidness extends to her piano playing as well, and she does not dare book any of the practice rooms even to play alone.


4. Jeremy Wu

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Nationality: Malaysian

Instruments: Piano, Electric guitar

Favorite composer: Frederic Chopin

Character summary: A boy who is often seen wandering alone in the Infinity Conservatoire. Jeremy is a second year piano student, immediately recognizable from the intense, somewhat lonely gaze in his black eyes beneath his glasses. For some reason, he dislikes most modern classical musicians, and is known for occasionally going against what his teachers say. He is notorious for not practicing properly, and spends some of his free time jamming in a band with his friends, playing the electric guitar instead.

Occasionally, he can be seen in one of the practice rooms of the conservatoire—he books exactly the same room for exactly the same time period whenever he does so. Those who have heard him play call his playing along the lines of: emotive and unlike anything else they've ever heard, but technically amateurish, inconsistent, and at times confused. Leila gets into an argument with him during her first day of classes.


5. Leland Colton

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Nationality: American

Instruments: Piano

Character summary: A handsome, hotshot twenty-one year old American pianist signed under Infinity Records. Leland is a rising superstar pianist making his mark as one of the most famous musicians in the industry. He is known for his virtuosity, expressive and grand sound, and the ability to capture audiences with his evocative, one-of-a-kind playing and sheer charisma. However, he has also been criticized for "showman-like" playing, sometimes letting his emotions run wild and making histrionic gestures while performing.

He has won the international Infinity Conservatoire Piano Concours once and is now studying in Infinity Conservatoire's United States branch academy, working as an assistant to a world-renowned professor. Many students of Infinity Conservatoire look up to Leland's music.

Title: Stars & Missiles

Main genres: Action. Sci-Fi. Drama. Alternate history. (Also includes Romance, Psychological etc.)

Notable themes: Aircraft. Military. Virtual reality.

Notable traits of main protagonist (Felix Leopold): Villainous/pragmatic protagonist(?). Soldier. Tactician.

POV: First person (Felix Leopold)

Objectionable content: Graphic violence. Sexual themes (infrequent).

Summary (for my convenience mostly):

2024. A world where the majority of a powerful union is able to live in virtual reality, as opposed to the fewer urbanization that is left on Earth due to an ongoing world war that involved nuclear weaponry. Felix Leopold, a prodigious twenty-year-old captain and fighter pilot, is constantly at the battlefield of the skies. The only consolation being a relatively recent treaty that states no more weapons of mass destruction are to be launched, in fear of plunging humanity into extinction. Yet, an agreement through mere paper can only restrain so much anxiety and enmity.

Felix serves in the air force under the flag of the democratic United States of Quies (USQ) (Name subject to change), notable for a part of its civilization that resides in the virtual reality world named Elisium, and he is more than willing to respond to the call of duty.

They are poised for an assault against the hostile Hanyue Union, the initiators of the Mass Arcology Project. Both are sworn enemies long since the outbreak of the Third World War, one that led to the shock near-collapse of the USA amid the growth of these two unions. In truth, one is a unitary state and the other a federacy, both great powers which have annexed many countries as their constituents. The United States of America, however, remains a federation, and is the only known country with a military base somewhere in outer space.

Felix's home houses his single mother, and a few roommates whom he barely attempts to break the ice with. A roof built in virtual reality.

After a series of routine operations, Felix enters virtual reality once more to come home for the first time in a couple of months, and along the way, he stumbles upon a girl sitting alone under little cover from the rain. Something registers in his senses as he looks at her, and he approaches the girl. Slender, doe-eyed, quiet with a delicate face. She looks not much older than him, yet when he tries to converse with her, she doesn't seem to understand him. Occasionally she repeats what he says in broken sentences and words, at times looking at him with a smile and gleaming eyes.

Felix contemplates for a moment, and then he decides to have her take shelter in his abode. He finds himself interested in her somewhat.

He ponders. It's not bad, hanging around with her. But she could be just what I need.

Another thing he has assumed about her so far, is that she seems to exist only in virtual reality.

An Earth where people find joy and purpose in an artificial world, where each star above marks each citizen living in the virtual universe named Elisium. An Earth where our first home is suffering catastrophic damage as a result of humanity's self-destruction, where a few dwellers of reality spend their days looking upon the flares of missiles whizzing through the dark, smoky sky. The global effects of massive nuclear warfare are present at first glance. A dim and snowy nuclear winter.

Theme songs:

Meteor sang by Miku Hatsune.

Unfragment sang by Miku Hatsune.

This is a work of fiction and in no way aims to degrade any real persons, groups, or views.

Main inspirations: Baldr Sky. Muv-Luv Alternative. (Both are eroge, so be careful when browsing them, even when explicit results are filtered)

"Some of us fighter pilots are, a little different from soldiers on the land, sea, and so on. Those people, on the field, they have their comrades within arm's reach. Able to see each others' faces, there to attend each other. When you are in a single seat airplane cockpit, tens of thousands of feet up in the air, you are alone. You don't see your comrades' faces. You don't get to feel them. Only their voices come through the earpiece."

Draft of CHARACTER PROFILES for Stars & Missiles


1. Felix Leopold

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Squadron and position: USQAF 9th Special Fighter Squadron (Nickname: Aquila). Commander of Winter Flight. Call sign: Winter One. Personal call sign: Polar.

Character summary: With his native country Germany now a constituent nation within the USQ, Felix is a ruthless captain and fighter aircraft pilot serving in the USQ Air Force. He seems to have an interest for knowledge regarding the universe at the side, owning books written by Carl Sagan. Though seemingly an aloof person, he gets along reasonably fine with his closest acquaintances. When alone, however, he looks upon the world with cold, distant eyes.

Designated fighter aircraft: PAK FA T-50 (Single seat stealth multirole fighter)

A majority of aircraft in this story will be based on real-life counterparts, whether they be in service, or still in research and development or testing etc. during present time. Names of such fighter aircraft might be altered from its real-life counterparts if I decide to mention them, such as how Steins;Gate replaced IBM with IBN. Changes, additions, and improvements in fighter aircraft will be present throughout the story. Fictional aircraft and fictional strategic weaponry may also be present. Of course, drones will have a most worthy presence. Proliferated unmanned and smaller aircraft, ah, so fun.

Draft of some altered aircraft manufacturer company names (should the author decide to use them):

United States of America: Boeing (F-15SE Silent Eagle etc.) to Boening. Lockheed Martin (F-22 Raptor etc.) to Lockhead Mardin.

China: Chengdu (J-20 etc.) to Cheng. Shenyang (J-31 etc.) to Shenyan.

Russia: Mikoyan (MiG-35 etc.) to Mikoyun. Sukhoi (Su-35, Su-47, T-50 etc.) to Suhkoi.

Some of the supporting cast:

1. Akim Nitzani

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Squadron and position: USQAF 9th Special Fighter Squadron. Commander of Daemon Flight. Call sign: Daemon One. Personal call sign: Deuce.

Character summary: Another captain within the USQ Air Force. Akim is an Israeli fighter pilot who has an ongoing friendly rivalry with Felix. Known as an outgoing man and reputed as a womanizer, he nevertheless still manages to get his duties done, albeit almost always in a flashy manner. He is nicknamed The Demon, a lesser used alternative being Heaven's Demon, presumably due to his aggressiveness and willingness to engage in thrilling dogfights.

One of his aims is to become the "Ace of the Aces of Aces", a title said to belong to the fighter pilot with the most aerial victories of all time. He will need to beat the current benchmark of 352 aerial victories earned by German WWII pilot Erich Hartmann (real person) who was nicknamed The Black Devil by his then Soviet adversaries. Akim is currently the top ace of the USQAF 9th Special Fighter Squadron, having amassed a tally of over one hundred victories.

Designated fighter aircraft: Su-47 Berkut (An experimental/technology demonstrator which unfortunately has its development ceased in real life. In this story, however, the Su-47 will be depicted as a single seat stealth air superiority fighter unique to the 9th Special Fighter Squadron, with stealth being one of the improvements in this story. Its unique forward-swept wing among other technologies allow this aircraft to be capable of very excellent agility and maneuverability in combat, essential for combat superiority in the air especially for getting an edge in the event of a dogfight. Sounds like the fighter aircraft perfect for Akim.)


2. Isabelle Arkwright

Sex: Female

Age: 20

Squadron and position: USQAF 9th Special Fighter Squadron. Second-in-command and pilot of Winter Flight. Call sign: Winter Two. Personal call sign: Izzy.

Character summary: An American and childhood friend of Felix. Isabelle is a first lieutenant and fighter pilot who regularly serves as a direct subordinate to Felix, considered a prodigy alongside him. A quiet woman with a gentle disposition to many, she has a crush on Felix and can be quite forward in her few playful advances on him. Many see it as fun teasing, but at times Felix seems not just uneasy or bashful, but genuinely disturbed by her.

Designated fighter aircraft: PAK FA T-50


3. Kiyomi Maita (Name subject to change)

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Character summary: Despite Japan now being a constituent country in the Hanyue Union, Kiyomi works as an engineer for the USQ and has a hand in the workings of the Elisium Project. An acquaintance of Felix and gang, she is both a maintenance engineer in Elisium and a researcher in the USQ Air Force. She is known to be rather cool and distant and prefers to be addressed formally as Miss Maita. Lately, she is seen to have a greater interest in the affairs of the Air Force, and she has access to their command centers even when the Air Force is in the middle of their operations.


4. Unnamed girl

Sex: Female

Age: ??? (Implied to be around Felix's)

Character summary: A young woman Felix finds under a overhang during a rainy evening, within the virtual reality universe; Elisium. She doesn't seem to be able to communicate properly with words and carries the character of an innocent child.


This story is in its second rewrite.

Main genres: Action. Drama. Low fantasy. Medieval/Renaissance. (Also includes Psychological, Romance etc.)

Notable themes: Swordsmanship. Magecraft.

POV: First person (Multiple characters)

Objectionable content: Graphic violence. Sexual themes (infrequent).

Theme songs:

Desert Rose by Abingdon Boys School

More Than Words by Maaya Sakamoto

Main inspirations: Rurouni Kenshin. Vagabond. Fate/Stay Night (originally an eroge).

Teaser: The two protagonists will meet by Act Five.



1. Alissa vi Wolfgang

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Character summary: One of the princesses of the Imperial Wolfgang Empire. Alissa is the second daughter of the duke and duchess ruling over Iris Bay, belonging to the Vivian Branch Family. Quite reserved yet friendly and cheeky at times, she gives off the appearance of a delicate princess. All seems fine, if not for the fact that she is plagued by mysterious, sinister dreams in her sleep.


2. Chase ó Catháin

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Character summary: A wandering lordless swordsman. Chase seeks vengeance against a man titled Invincible under Heaven. He claims that the man is the best swordsman in the world, yet he does not know how he looks like at all and only remembers his voice, if only somewhat. He appears to be quite adept at wielding the katana, having had been tutored by Invincible under Heaven when he was a boy. A quiet, contemplative man with a knack for carving and playing with wooden tops. He usually shields his eyes with a low straw hat.

Preferred weapon: Katana

Some of the supporting cast:

1. The White Witch

Sex: Female

Age: ???

Character summary: An enigmatic woman, at times appearing at places where one usually doesn't, or shouldn't, or at least where people think she should not appear. Seems to know Chase from some time back.


2. Jeanne Marianne Villeneuve

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Character summary: A young woman of the noble Villeneuve family. Jeanne is a loyal knight serving the Wolfgang Empire's Viola Branch Family, more specifically under Prince Amaron vio Wolfgang's command. A renowned and highly adept swordswoman, she is also capable of magecraft and has yet to lose a sword duel. Having a firm and reserved disposition, she is closely acquainted with Alissa. She does not speak often of herself.

Preferred weapon: Longsword


3. Harold don Wolfgang

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Character summary: A prince of the Wolfgang Empire's Donworth Branch Family. Harold is the younger brother of the famous Heathcliff don Wolfgang. Though a rather fine man with gentle mannerisms, he seems to be overshadowed by more noteworthy members of the Wolfgang Royal Family, virtually living in the shadow of his brother.


4. Jeremiah Stuarthall

Sex: Male

Age: ???

Character summary: Quite a talkative middle-aged man who doesn't mind intruding into other people's space for his amusement. Jeremiah is a notorious ringleader of pirates and a self-proclaimed genius, at times complimenting himself in public. While most of his underlings will do well to not take him too seriously, he always has handsome material remunerations on his sleeves, even more for the people he wants to keep or acquire.

Preferred weapons: Rapier. Matchlock pistol.

Other notable supporting characters (not including children):

1. Amaron vio Wolfgang

Prince belonging to the Viola Branch Family of the Imperial Wolfgang Empire. Emanates a firm sense of duty just like his knight, Jeanne. Skilled at archery.

Preferred weapon: Composite recurve bow

2. Nerissa vi Wolfgang

Alissa's older sister. A rather quiet young woman.

3. Heathcliff don Wolfgang

Prince belonging to the Donworth Branch Family of the Wolfgang Empire. Harold's older brother. Said to have the potential to become one of the most influential statesmen among the current generation.

Preferred weapons: Matchlock arquebus. Crossbow.

4. Havoc Alas Caelum

A swordsman who flaunts a long spear strapped along his back. Seems like a laid-back guy.

Preferred weapons: Spear. Jian.

5. Tomoko Ueno

Ninja. Has heard of Vermillion.

Preferred weapon: Chain, sickle and weight (Kusarigama). How a kusarigama looks like when it's wielded. It's a more than capable weapon for defeating swordsmen.

6. Travis Skyler

A brown-skinned archer with loudmouth tendencies on occasion.

Preferred weapon: Composite recurve bow

7. Invincible under Heaven(?)

Flashy title.

Preferred weapon(s): ???

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