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Well, hi there! How'd you manage to find your way to my little profile here? Well, whatever the reason, welcome!

Little bit about me, the aspiring writer/artist and "mystery woman" known only to you as "Kattriella". No, that is obviously and most certainly not my real name. It is, however, the name of a character I created whose story(-ies) may or may not eventually be posted here. I chose her name as my pen name for this site because she has the (in my opinion) high honor of having the oldest, longest running, continually worked on series of stories of any other character I've ever created. (She's almost seven years old now! I'm so proud!) Seeing as most of my stories and characters die off after just a few months, this is a major accomplishment for her! She's managed to hold my interest for more than ten times longer than any other story or character before her. Therefore, I thought she deserved a little recognition. And yes, I shall continue to refer to her as if she is a real person, for she is to me. (No, I'm not crazy. Well, okay, maybe just a little, but I think that all writers maintain some form of insanity. If not, they couldn't stand to be writers.)

Now, moving on from that. I will admit here and now that I do enjoy yoai, male/male, slash, gay, homosexual, whatever your term of choice may be stories. (Not so much yuri, fem/fem, etc., but that's just me. It simply doesn't interest me as much, and I'm not here to judge. Maybe at some point in the future, though. :3) And I am a firm believer in gay rights, for both men and women. I also will admit that I like a little BDSM in some stories to spice things up a little, and some of my stories (maybe more than "some") will reflect these ideas, eventually. If you don't like that, then get your butt off my profile and go bother someone else with your narrow-mindedness. If you flame me just for my ideology, then I WILL report your sorry butt and use your flames to burn marshmallows to a crisp to throw at you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Now, moving on once again, I will say this as well. I enjoy random PMs, even if you don't have something to actually say to me. (I won't be mad if all you really want to do is say hi. We all have our moments, and one of my best friendships on the Internet started out with a message simply saying "Hi".)

And one final word of warning before I leave you, dear friends. I CANNOT SPELL. Yes, that's right, I'm one of those poor souls for whom SpellCheck was specifically created. I am also a perfectionist and majorly OCD, so if you see a mistake with anything I post, and I do mean ANYTHING, even if it's just leaving out a comma or forgetting a letter in a word, don't be afraid to tell me. SpellCheck, bless its soul (yes, it has a soul, deal with it), doesn't always catch everything, and I can't stand reading through something six months after I wrote it and realizing that I misspelled one word that didn't get noticed because it's technically another word. (You still following me?)

Current Stories in Progress:

The Librarian (name may change at a later date):

Posted: April 22, 2012
Status: In-Progress
Rating: Mature (M)
Warnings: homosexual relationship between males, stalking, lemon scenes, mentions of abuse and incest, suicidal thoughts/actions, cutting, derogatory language towards homosexuals (I do not approve of such language, by the way.), and a pitiful attempt at a German accent
POV (Point of View): First person, singular, but switches between characters

The story revolves mainly around Remy Anderson, a gay college student/book worm/jellyfish lover (?) just trying to blend into the background until graduation and not to get squished by popular kids on his way to class. (It really sucks being only 5'4" and barely 100 pounds, you know?) His only safe-haven, it seems, is the upper floor of the school library, the dumping ground for the library's oldest, dustiest books. His story, it seems is the typical fodder of a romantic sob story, minus the romance. An abusive stepfather, alcoholic mother, hateful, homophobic classmates, no real friends (or any friends, for that matter), a horrible job, and an unexplainable love of . . . jellyfish? Well, okay then.

Remy's tedious little world is shattered one day when the elderly librarian, Mrs. Galigsby, finally retires, and Remy comes face to face with her replacement. Her MALE replacement, who just happens to be everything Remy has ever looked for in a boyfriend. Enter Sven Hart, the German born romance portion of Remy's sob story. Remy, however, seems content to watch Sven from afar, trying to focus on his education and proving to the "jocks" that seem to hate him that sports won't get you everywhere in life. Things are further complicated when the German catches our little protagonist stalking him in the library one day.

Will Remy make Sven fall for him? What will happen when Sven finds out about Remy's "issues"? Will poor Remy even survive college long enough to graduate? And, the most important question . . . Why does Remy seem to love jellyfish so much?!

Reason for Writing this Story (Yes, there is a reason behind this story besides entertainment.): I currently live in a community that can at best be described as . . . rural. Lots of farm boys and jocks that are rather rude and violent, and make it blatantly known when they dislike something. I have several homosexual friends, all wonderful people, and it makes me angry to see them harassed, talked down to, and in general criticized just for being different. It prompted me to write this story as a small form of protest. Most of the things that will happen in this story have a meaning. Some are obvious, some are not, some will be explained, some won't . . . Believe it or not, Remy's love of jellyfish even has meaning, which will be explained in the story. I really hope you enjoy it, and even if you don't, I hope you take something away from it.

Cyber Angels

Posted: February 4: 2014

Status: In-Progress

Rating: M (Mature)

Warnings: Violence/gore, mild male/female and mild male/male romantic themes (there probably won't be a lot of explicit romance), possible fem/fem relationship in the future, mentions of an abusive relationship.

POV: Third person, singular

Summary: Based in a futuristic world where literally anything can happen.

After a terrible accident, a young man is left in a cryogenic sleep for more than two centuries, only to awaken to find that people have been buying, selling, and playing God with his body! He is (rather bluntly) informed that he has been turned into a cyborg, to work for a program that eliminates strange, otherworldly creatures. With no memory of who he was, he is given a name by a happy-go-lucky fellow cyborg and adopted into an otherwise unnamed group, deemed the "Cyber Angels" by the public. With only snippets of who he was, and most of the world completely changed from his own time, why is it suddenly his job to fight these monsters? What is the origin of these creatures? Could the horrific accident that sent the young man's life into such a tailspin somehow be involved?

And so, our young "hero" reluctantly allows himself to be thrown into a fight that should never have been his.

Extra Notes: This, like my other story, is a male/male story, though not to the degree of "The Librarian". This story will be more plot driven than romance driven.

To Be Posted:

Love and War:

NOTE: This idea has been scrapped and will later be woven into another, much more complicated storyline that could span as many as several HUNDRED chapters if not broken up into separate "books". Many of the same elements will apply, though, so feel free to read the description to see if you might be interested.

Date Posted: N/A
Status: To Be Posted
Rating: Mature (M)
Warnings: homosexuality, violence, language, possible gore, Mpreg
POV: third, mostly from a single character
Summary: Set in a fantasy world of my own design, where things like talking animals, shape-shifting dragons, and males having babies together actually makes sense. Mostly follows Shail (pronounced Shile, not Shale), one of the many children of a dragon queen(?), and Seif (pronounced as "Safe"), a soldier in an allied country's army, with along with a plethora of other characters who can be quite . . . colorful. In every sense of the word.

Something is very off in the world in which these two live. People no longer act like themselves. Once kind, benevolent rulers have become cruel. Crops wither and die in the fields as if during drought, no matter how much water they have. Animals are becoming feral. It's not longer safe to venture outside of immediate civilization. And, to top it all of, the ruler of the kingdom is trying to marry his daughter off to some unfortunate sap! And most of the unfortunate saps want nothing of it. So instead of courting the fiery-haired vixen, the unsuspecting suitors get drawn into her crusade to find the source of the darkness that now plagues their realm. Chaos, comedy, and just a bit of romance ensues.

This project, if it works out the way I have planned, will be the longest thing I've ever written. Hopefully, it will span several "books", so to speak. I have a lot of information to get out there for this one, and it will take a bit of time to do it. (Do you know how long it takes to create an entire world without just dumping it all out in one big paragraph?)

Extra Features: Will contain a Glossary at the end of the story (The final listed chapter, but it will be posted along with the first chapter.) that will update as the story unfolds. Glossary will contain basic information on places, people, things, and other misc. items, as well as pronunciation for unusual words and names. (In other words, you'll be able to pronounce all the freaky names I come up with at three in the morning.)

Other Information: Edited version may eventually be available as an eBook. (Edited because my family will want to see it, and they don't approve of homosexuality, so the story may focus more on the female character and less on Shail and Seif . . . In other words, it'll be a totally different story. O_O)

The Vampire's Bride:

Date Posted: N/AStatus: To Be Posted
Rating: Mature (M) ((That's all I write, it seems . . .)
Warnings: homosexuality, violence, gore, language, a mouthy female character that you will probably grow to love
POV: first, singular, shifts characters
Summary: It's called "The Vampire's Bride". What do you THINK it's about?

I really can't give much of a summary that wouldn't ruin some of the surprises in this story . . . You'll just have to read it, once it's up. (I don't think it's that bad, and I tend to be pretty critical about my work.) I can tell you it is NOT a mushy romance story.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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I had been hired to pose as his lover. No one had ever said anything about love, or sex, or even friendship between the two of us. What we had was a business deal. He paid me thirty thousand dollars to spend the month with him and I pretended to be madly in love. Slash, reviews returned.
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[I'm Douglas and I just want to eat my lunch and get back to work except I have an uninvited guest that won't take no for an answer. Doesn't he realise that I'm just not worth the effort?] [I'm Mason, and I'm on a mission to make Douglas see that he is worth every effort I make to break down his defensive walls. No man is an Island] M/M and language that will make your toes curl.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 25 - Words: 143,650 - Reviews: 261 - Favs: 162 - Follows: 235 - Updated: 12/14/2014 - Published: 2/11/2012
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Adrian wants stability, but when his mother is pursuing being a singer, he doesn't have any of that. With his father having abused him, he refuses to stay with him. Best solution, an all Boys School. Problem? Adrian is Gay. MM. Don't Like. Don't Read.
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The Librarian reviews
Male/Male Your typical little story about an abused college boy, the school's new librarian, and their struggle to make a relationship with while dealing with their troubled lives. Warnings: Suicidal thoughts and actions, mentions of abuse, bullying, and rape, and eventual sexual scenes. (Note: "The Librarian" is the story's working title and is subject to change.)
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Fiction: Sci-Fi - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,696 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 2/12/2014 - Published: 2/4/2014