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Name: Cassandra Elizabeth (You can call me Lizy though)

Location: Somewhere on this beautiful planet Earth. Probably in the U.S.


Book: Cant decide there are too many to choose from.

Movie:Really I don't really have a favorite movie... Recently I've had an obsession with Frozen...

Color: I enjoy black... Wow, that sounded pretty emo... There is a sophistication and allure that comes with the color. Sort of like wearing red.


Hello potential people who might be reading this. First off: I have not abandoned my stories... I've just had the worst writer's block, that lasted like a year... I will get to them some time in life but for now I am not going to concern myself with something that seems forced. I will probably finish RAB and delete it after a couple weeks as weeks as well as all of my other stories. I'm not so proud of the work that I have on here and until I have stuff I would put my name on, I'll probably remain in this state of limbo. I have just recently found my will to write again and so there is a brand new short story in the works which should be expected this week.

Second: Moving from that stuff lets talk about writing. I believe I am a beta reader. Or I was last time that I checked, or maybe I didn't actually finish the form. Oh well. Point however is that I would love to give you feedback on writing while I am coming out of my own writing funk.

Third: (Still talking about writing here) Concerning my own writing for those just browsing through... I write purely fiction. I have a notebook I carry around and write about strange people that I see around town. The stories that I have on here are no longer reflective of what I actually write about since it's mostly been emotions, and what I would like to call "anguish" lately. I did this project where I interviewed a couple of the people I knew about their thoughts of love and I might be using such in some larger picture novel that I am figuratively working on in my mind... haha..

Fourth: Feel free to read whatever is here and let me know what you think however keep in mind that this is stuff that I wrote/worked on/read at least a year and a half ago, for some two years.

Fifth: (just because five is more normal for number of stuff in a list) Happy writing and thanks for visiting!

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