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Mother of Learning Next Chapter Target Date: 14th of June, 2015

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Q: I want to give you money. How can I do that?

Oh wow. I'm honored! As it happens, I have finally set up a way for my fans to do just that.

For those awesome, generous souls that have been asking about a way to donate money to me as a token of appreciation for my work, I am pleased to announce I have set up a Patreon account at the following link to make such support possible. I should note that Patreon is set up for ongoing funding of artists rather than one-time donations - it allows patrons to set up regular payments that are withdrawn automatically for each new content the artist makes. It's not terribly difficult to make a one-time payment, though - just cancel the patronage once the first donation goes through.

Some people have expressed a worry that I will purposely write shorter, shittier chapters to maximize payments. I assure you that no such thing will happen - if I start posting more chapters, it will be because my 'two chapters per month' initiative has finally bore fruit, not because I'm artificially spamming content. Also, you can set up a maximum payment limit to limit the amount of money I can get, regardless of the amount of chapters I post.

'Mother of Learning' is and will remain free to read. Donations are simply a way for readers to reward an aspiring writer and motivate me to write faster.

Q: Why do you keep changing the target date!?

The target date is what I'm aiming for, but all too often I find myself unable to deliver the chapter in that time. I apologize for that, but this isn't some deliberate deception - I honestly try to get it done by that date.

Some people have suggested to me that I should automatically add a few weeks to the target date, then, just to be sure. This would be a horrible idea, though - the target date is a way for me to put some pressure on myself, and if I put in a two week buffer into the deadline I would almost certainly just end up an additional two weeks late, even accounting for current delays.

My current goal is to start publishing two chapters per month. I am hoping to switch to this faster update schedule soon, but we'll see.

Q: Curious, how far would you say the story is?

The story basically has 3 arcs, and I only finished one so far as of chapter 26. So nowhere near the end, basically.

Q: I love your spiders, by the way. No idea if they're from your own head or inspired by something. If they're inspired by something, I'd loove to hear what they're from.

They're from my head, mostly, but they were inspired by the GIFTS (Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders) and Aranea from Exile/Avernum series of computer games. I sort of combined them into one species, changed the type of spider into jumping spiders (because they're cute), gave them psychic powers instead of simple magical prowess and then built a society around the concept. They have a lot of worldbuilding behind them, and I'm not sure how much I'll end up showing in the story proper, but I'll try to do them justice. I tried not to make them into a 'race of hats' like non-human species usually end up being in fantasy stories, but still make them relatable and understandable to humans.

Generally speaking, Exile/Avernum games are a big influence on this story. Other influential inspirations are D&D (of course) and Fullmetal ALchemist (the Alteration discipline is basically FMA Alchemy and watching it made me aware I dislike medieval tech levels and prefer higher technology settings). Harry Potter and Naruto fandoms are a minor inspiration as well, as are a whole bunch of other works that I won't bother listing.

Q: Love the story but it is getting to be quite long. Do you have an ending planned?

Everything is planned, from the beginning to the end to everything in between. Though some of the stuff in between is optional or subject to change, provided they're not plot critical.

Q: May I know how many more chapters till the end of the arc?

A lot? I don't know the exact number, since my plot outline never specifies it. The first arc had 26 chapters, though, so that should give you a ballpark figure - the second one will have at least that much.

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In case you're curious about how the setting looks like, you can see a rudimentary map of Altazia here. NEW! There is another map focused on political divisions and city placements here.

Also, I have fanart! Rizaki717 has drawn some illustrations for Chapter 1 and posted them on his DeviantArt Account (click here). Specifically, he has posted a picture of Kirielle wake-up scene, Ilsa's visit, The ever-mysterious bicycle girl, Benisek, Taiven, Magic staff and Xvim's wonderful lesson. Taiven doesn't really look like that in my head, but hey. My favorite is the Xvim scene - the expressions are perfect.

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