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Hello~ I'm an anime and game lover, so my stories tend to have a bit of influence from those media. I'm currently trying to get a fantasy series published, set in a world that uses the Western Zodiac for magic. Short stories I post up are likely to be set in that world.



My Short Stories


Status: Complete


Thrust into a world unlike any she's known before, young Yvonne must come to terms with the death of her family and her new life... or continue falling down a never-ending spiral of fear.


Yvonne: A quiet young girl who's recently come to the tropical rain forest. She lost her whole family a few months ago, when the dark lord Kyros and his followers overtook the country.

Aliza: Having lived in the forest her whole life, Aliza's quite used to the wild life all around. Though she can't understand Yvonne's suffering, she tries her best to help out.

"End of the Ache"

Status: Complete


The life Max once knew has come to a grueling end, with his father beheaded right before his very eyes. His mother and best friend losing all hope, Max must do whatever it takes to stay alive... even taking a dangerous job as a thief.


Max: Cursed with red eyes, Max finds it harder and harder to get by in an uncaring world. With little left remaining in his small body, he fights with determination to continue living just one more day.

Nolan: Nolan and Max have been best friends for years. With his parents dead and no food to eat, he soon falls ill, his temperature rising with each exhausting day.

Mia: Mia is Max's mother. With her husband dead, she's fallen into a deep depression, unable to deal with the dirty world crawling around her.

Pyper: Seeing Max escape a group of guards, Pyper decides to help him. He'll teach Max all the tricks of thievery and survival in exchange for helping him with a special job...

"Paradoxical Paradigm"

Status: Complete


His very life is dwindling on a thin line... The dark lord destroyed everything. But when Zain meets a mysterious boy who's willing to offer his trust, he finds a reason to believe in his strength. Now all he needs is his unique glaive...


Zain: Zain is the son of a knight that was killed in the chaos that overtook his country, though he knows his life might end without his father's help. Still, he can't lose hope--he knows that he has to fight as hard as he can to stay alive.

Al'hamal: When Zain was staring at his father's remains, a mysterious cloak boy approached him, offering him both someone to talk to and comfort. With connections that might be able to get Zain's glaive, he decides to devote himself to helping Zain. 'Al'hamal' is the name Zain decided to call him.

Darin: An alchemist that Zain once knew and the only person besides his father that can help him.

Rick: Rick is a dark haired man that shows up, offering a valuable potion that Zain thought only his father and Darin possessed...

"But I Can't Meet You..."

Status: In Progress


Ever since an alchemist toured her hometown, Evalyn has been dabbling in alchemy as a hobby. However, when an epidemic sweeps over the people she knows and cares about, she must give her all in an attempt to save them...


Evalyn: Evalyn is a young girl studying to be an alchemist. Up until now, she's led a carefree life, having fun with her best friends whenever the opportunity arises.

Earnest: Earnest is Evalyn's older brother. He also studies alchemy, and he helps his sister understand the more complex problems.

Callie, Mimi, Nancy: Evalyn's best friends.

The Story and World Behind It All

Nebula Andra

Synchronicity Status: Complete

Spirit Status: In Progress

Synchronicity Summary:

"I'm sorry, Anya. Please don't look for me."

Those were the last words he had left Anya before disappearing from her life. Having known him through a shared mind link since the early years of her childhood, she can’t help but feel that his sudden absence means he’s in danger. For that reason, she sets out to find her lost friend with the only knowledge about him she has—the name she had once given him: Raymond.

However, the outside world is much darker than she expected. As her country is torn apart by the tyranny of the dark lord Kyros, she soon becomes a primary target, and Anya finds herself thrown into a battle that could determine the future of the entire world. But what will she do when everything she thought she knew begins to crumble to ash around her?


Anya Tamie Ciran

Anya is a young woman from the village of Vesta. Because the village she was born in--Pallas--was burned to the ground the day she was born, she's locally known as the "cursed girl." Regardless, she's grown up as a carefree orphan, spending time with her childhood friend Edwin.
She's also always had another friend, but she's never met him in person: Raymond, a boy whose voice she hears in her head at times. Realizing that her friend might be in danger, Anya sets out to find him.
Quote: "I know in my heart that Ray's real, and I'm going to find him."


Raymond is the name of the boy's voice Anya has heard in her head ever since she was a child. He's shrouded in mystery--'Raymond' isn't even his real name, but a name Anya gave him. She has no idea how he looks or where he is. Even so, he's a kind young man that's always there to help her in difficult times.
Quote: "You can’t, Anya. I’m the one person you cannot save."


Zain is a charming young man from the capital, Ceres. He enjoys having fun and flirting with lovely young women, and he doesn't seem to take anything seriously.
Despite how carefree Zain is, he's proven himself to be quite powerful--more powerful than anyone Anya's seen before. He helps Anya's group out every now and then before continuing on his journeyless travel.
Quote: "But, that being said... It sounds to me like you saved that town. I’d say that that’s worth a lot more."

Evalyn Karen Tisha

Evalyn is a young alchemist from the mining town of Hygiea. She's a kind-hearted girl who can't just leave someone in need. Her older brother left to find work a while ago, and now Evalyn wants to find him. Because of this, she joins Anya on her quest.
She's skilled in creating potions with many different effects, such as smoke, flashing, healing, and even acid. She also knows the human body well, needing that knowledge for healing with the power of Scorpio. However, she tends to be clueless in other areas of study.
Quote: "I have someone I want to find, too... Besides, with my alchemy and healing power, I can help you!"

Edwin Liam Alaire

Edwin is Anya's childhood friend. He's from a powerful family of mages, and everyone expects him to live up to the Alaire name. While Edwin enjoys casting magic, he would prefer to have some fun as well.
Due to an argument with his parents, Edwin was sent away to a magic academy two years ago. He's grown into a very skilled mage due to his schooling, but deep down, he wishes to see Anya again.
Quote: "I hate it, too. Even so... I won’t allow you to take his life. You shouldn’t have blood on your hands..."

Yvonne Maron

Yvonne is a mysterious girl from the quiet forest town of Camilla. Yvonne rarely talks, but instead is extremely observative--she's usually the first to notice danger. While she refuses to talk about her past, she seems to have an enemy she must defeat; for that reason, she's joined Anya's group.
Yvonne is skilled with the bow and arrow. She also majors in the nebula of Virgo, one of the most powerful nebulae.
Quote: "Do not underestimate me. I’ve seen my fair share of blood..."


Max is a wandering young thief. He ends up sticking with Anya's group, interested in hearing about treasure on their journey.
While he chooses to follow them, Max is very skeptical of their whole adventure. He's also quick to get angry or embarrassed, which the others enjoy making fun of. He absolutely hates it when someone steals his hat.
Quote: "Why are you risking your life for a ghost? Or are you in love with your own fantasy guy?"


Vesper is a young raven who seems to have taken a fancy to Anya. She follows the group around on her own free will. Vesper is mischievous and enjoys playing games--one of her favorite things to do is steal Max's hat, much to the young man's annoyance. Like all ravens, Vesper uses the nebula of Corvus, which allows her to discern lies.
Quote: "Caw caw!"

Kyros Hild Cadwall

Kyros is the dark lord that rules over Hodierna. He's the young leader of Vyrengr Corvus, though he spends his time inside the walls of the palace.
However, with the tournament coming up, it seems Kyros will finally step out of his walls to take part in the fighting... Armed with a sword and traveler's dulcimer, he's not one to be taken lightly.
Quote: "You should not stain your hands with my blood..."

Donahue A. Blackwell

Donahue is Kyros' advisor. He's a cold man who's dead-set on accomplishing Vyrengr Corvus' goal above all else. Even if he seems cool and collected, he's not one to be trifled with in a fight, for he may just be the strongest member of V.C.
Quote: “I do not believe that’s wise, my lord.”

Shasta Veda Haskell

Shasta is Kyros' primary teacher and caretaker. On the outside, she seems like a cute, cheerful woman. In actuality, she's a sadist who enjoys the sight of others in pain.
Quote: “I would love to see your cute little body squirm under his sword...”

The World

World: Wasp Garafia
Country: Hodierna
Ruling Organization: Vyrengr Corvus, ruled by the ruthless dark lord Kyros.

Kyros and Ruarc: Long ago, the dark lord Kyros plagued the land, spreading innocent bloodshed and fear after making a pact with the dragons. A young man named Ruarc stood up against him, defeating him once and for all... or so the people thought. However, they soon discovered that both the dark lord and hero would one day be reborn...

While the current Kyros has been found and made ruler of the country, the current Ruarc has not been confirmed. People believe him to be the tournament champion two years in a row, Kaleel Idriss.

Magic System

Everything is made up of nebulae. Without it, the world would cease to exist. Nebulae are drawn from the stars--and more generally, from constellations.

Below are the twelve main nebulae.

Constellation - Power - Color
Aries - Fire - Red
Taurus - Earth - Brown
Gemini - Mind - Yellow
Cancer - Sound - Silver
Leo - Light - Gold
Virgo - Time - Dark Blue
Libra - Wind - Green
Scorpio - Body - Dark Red
Sagittarius - Lightning - Electric Blue
Capricorn - Shadow - Indigo
Aquarius - Ice - Light Blue
Pisces - Water - Sea Green

Humans each use two of the base nebulae--a major and a minor. Their major is often based on their birthdate, as there's a higher concentration of a certain nebula in the air each month. Their minor develops over the next few years depending on what nebulae builds up in their body. Those two, they can control at will. For all other nebulae, they need to use formal spells to control them.

There are still many more nebulae--sub-nebulae. Most fall under one or multiple of the twelve base nebulae and have functions such as 'speed,' 'invisibility,' and 'magnetism.' All twelve nebulae combined create the Andromeda sub-nebulae, which are neutral in power. Andromeda itself takes an extremely high concentration of all nebulae and is the nebula of 'creation.'

And with that...

Please enjoy the stories~

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