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Flipping eck! I must be bored, I'm actually updating this egocentric piece of trash!
Okay so I'm still 18, really need to sort out that drivers license, live in Oxford, England. A pretty hip place if you know where your going, or know someone who does- writing your address on your hand only works so many times.
I've finally gotten around to typing up my fiction, and recently uploaded the first two chapters of a Harry Potter fiction. Have become a complete Potter nutter, as everyone at work never ceases to remind me.
I love reading fanfiction, because the sheer cale of peoples ideas, and their different backgrounds is pretty amazing. Though some of it's a bit dodgy, but to each their own. Good thing I'm open minded.
I generally prefer the angsty stuff, but probably because I can identify with some of the feelings people write about. And thus this is what my writing tends to focus on. But a sense of humour is always a plus, I love a good laugh-my life being one of them.
I hope to write for the forceable future, i.e until I have to move out of my mothers house, and cannot afford the telephone bill for the internet on my computer anymore, argh!!!
Here hoping some of the wonderful writers on this site, actually finish their fics for once - Me probably will be guilty of this- and those other wonderful people actually get around to reviewing it- Oh dear, now I know I'm guilty of not doing this as often as I should- eeep!
Now lets see how completely up the wall I'll be when I update this again. 3000+ cups of coffee, 2 years of late night internet sessions, and nine Harry Potter chapters (each at around 20,000-30,000 words each)- you should see the Stargate fic, that I've never bothered to type up- say hello to folders 1, 2, oh and 3. Oops.
See a around!