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Hi! :) Im Draycono, obviously its not my real name >.

I'm 15 years old, a girl, and I love writing, and reading, but don't really find the time or have the inspiration to write very often, which explains the long amounts of time between updating. I tend to write stories without any specific plot, at least not for the first couple chapters. Mainly because every time Ive written down a plot id stray off topic of what i was supposed to write. Just about every story Ive ever written (online, or on paper) has been a spur of the moment type of thing, random topic, random plot, name, etc.

Mysterious Strangers

I originally started this story planning on it being all supernatural and stuff, and being a straight romance (which it may still be, im not quiiite sure yet) but things seem to have changed. I do have an idea for later chapters though. Whether I stick with those ideas or not, that's the question. But I really like where its going in future chapters in my mind, so it may just stay like that. It may also be a supernatural-ish story, but those chapters most likely wont come in until later. Like, wayyy later.


This story is just a short story. I have the entire thing written already. I would be willing to make other stories about this, but only if people ask me to. Me and my friend came up with this story together (kinda) she told me about this dream she had, and I was like "You should make that into a story!!" and so we came up with this story where she writes one characters side of the story, and I write the other characters side of the story. While they both have the same plot, they are completely different in every way possible. Some time in the future I may add to the story so that all our stories can connect like we wanted them to, but for now, I just cant bring myself to do it.

Other Stories

I have another story i work on sometimes, eventually ill get it up here...

I think thats enough about me, Don't cha think? :P

Just something to (hopefully) get you through the day

Gotta love that man

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After a recession, the US goes into a depression, where slavery is completely okay and common. Those who are too poor to take care of themselves are sold into slavery, and other are born into it. Jameson was sold into slavery at a young age, and has lived practically his whole life being the servant of a sexually, and physically abusive master. Now that he's free, what will he do?
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