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I wrote this super duper long thing about me and my writing and stuff and then my internet decided to DIE on me! HOW DARE IT!

... Talking to the internet. Maybe I need some more help than I thought...

Anyways! Im not knew to fictionpress but my old account got jacked up and I was sorta lazy anyways so I decided I would just make a new one! Yay!

Just as a fair warning, I myself am not a homosexual individual, but I AM 100% in support of it and I admire all those who are brave enough to be proud of who they are, whether that means embracing their sexuality, race, gender etc. (Plus I just think that it's adorable as all get-out) So a few or a lot of my stories may involve same sex relationships. If you don't like that, thats ok because I don't like shoving my beliefs down peoples throats, but for the sake of your OWN happiness, you honestly don't have to read them. And for those of you who do like that, and are or want to read my stories, it means a lot so thank you!

I don't plan on updating every day, and I cant even promise every few days or updating at a fixed point because I just moved literally all the way across America 2,500 Miles away from where I used to live, (which is about 4023 KM for all my Metric users out there) so things have been a little hectic. I start school in two weeks, but im already a few chapters ahead in all the stories I plan to update, so I promise I will update as soon as I can. Thanks to all those who are choosing to read my stories, or anybody on this site, really, cuz you are all super duper awesome people that deserve some thanks once in a while.

If theres anything you really need/want to know about me or my stories, just PM me. And if it helps you all feel more comfortable around me, here are some random things about me:

I love music

I love puppies

I love kittens

I hate height

I hate not being able to see the bottom of water that im swimming in

I once got bitten by a segul

My favorite movie is either The Avengers or Iron Man (1 & 2). Or maybe all three

I have 2 dogs

I really like the video games Portal (1 & 2) Infamous (1 & 2) Little Big Planet 2, The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb, Terraria, Amnesia:The Dark Decent, Left 4 Dead 2, Uncharted 2 and Assassins Creed

I once fell of the roof of my shcool

I've broken all my toes

The first time I was in a hospital since the day I was born was last year when I got Pnemonia, Bronchitis, and the Flu at the same time

My favorite websites are fictionpress, fanfiction, Cracked, ThinkGeek, Facebook, and Youtube

Im having trouble writing these because I keep wanting to put periods at the end

I once saw a man in a mall who I thought was dead but then I figured out he was really just sleeping

I tend to portray my characters in my stories as if they were real people, so asking questions to them or speaking in their POV outside of the story isn't weird for me

But I secretly think its supposed to be

I really like brownies

So thats about it, guys! If you actually read down to here, thank you! I would have given you a virtual brownie, but then I thought "Why on Earth would I give away a brownie? Thats dumb. I love brownies..." So I decided against it. Instead, you get a hug and a thank you. *Hugs you* Thanks!!


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