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Hello you all.

My name is Julian, from Colombia. I'm a Computer Scientist. 23 years old. I love singing and have been doing it for quite a long time now; I love every kind of music that is sung the right way or has a catchy/engaging beat.

I'm not really a writer and it's something I've just decided to pick up, hopefully I'm not too bad. I have two stories written so far: one about werewolves that probably I won't ever publish because I honestly have no idea how to continue it so it's stuck and the other one is the one published here. So far it's only the first chapter but I'm hoping to continue it and finish it, I have the storyline for three books so it might take a while to finish the whole story.

Stuff I don't like in stories and so don't ask me to read yours if it includes them:

-That lame excuse of "I don't want to tell about what the bullies are doing to me because I'm afraid they might do something worse" in high school stories. Seriously guys, statistically in real life the bullies actually stop 95% of the time if you tell on them and there are waaaay more creative ways of prolonging a story. At this point that device is just a freakishly annoying and overused cliché. PLEASE STOP IT.

-Please, PLEASE, don't write "I suck at summaries" or "story better than the summary" in the summary. If you write that I immediately conclude (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) that you suck at everything as much as you suck at summaries or that the story is worse than the summary so I don't bother to even open it.

-Cliché characters. If there is something I can't stand are stock characters such as the "bitchy sister/friend/girlfriend who does every kind of crap to the female lead not giving said lead the opportunity to defend herself". Such characters are out of countless soap operas or awful teen movies, most human beings don't even act like that. So either make them a real monster or show their good side because real human beings are not usually stuck in the middle being petty.

-Pushing suspension of disbelief: once I was reading a fairly good story but I closed it as soon as a classmate stabbed the main character out of nowhere and the main character didn't even think about pressing charges or when two characters suddenly started having sex in the middle of a hallway that would be full of people in any moment's notice. I mean... really, people?

Copyright: all characters and original concepts from my stories belong to me. Any resemblance to real life and/or other works is either pure coincidence or due to the using of cultural legacy that is public domain (like mythical creatures such as dragons or demons). You break the law if you take anything original from my stories and I'll make sure the authorities are informed if you do and I'll make sure of giving them exact information.

Other than that, thank you for the visit and have a good day =)

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