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hello. amateur writer ærion speaking.
pleased to meet all of you writers >/////

i mostly write about life and angsty stuff, but occasionally a bit of romance (i'm not sappy, mind you.)
you can also find me on fanfiction a lot :>

name: ærion (i go by that pen name)

years i've been single: fourteen (as of 2014, heck yes '00-ians!)

stuff i like to do:
> speak to my -imaginary- friends
> watch anime
> game online (usually casual)
> design posters and minimalistic stuff. i like it simple.

favourite things:
> fruit: apple/mango
> dish: no preference, really
> colour: black
> otp: rinxlen (vocaloid) / yuixkyoko (yuru yuri) / #teamchitoge (nisekoi) / all other otps

contact details:
> twitter: @AEcstasia
> fanfiction: @AEcstasia

current status:
30/06/2014: i reactivated this old junk of an account and polished it. hello everyone