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You have galaxies inside your head.
Stop letting people tell you
you cannot shine.

What is a writer?

- A peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books

Current Stories

Mateo and Raina

Mateo Diaz was always stuck with Raina Wilson. In preschool, Maty's mom forced him to play with her. In middle school, she had a huge crush on his older brother Nico and followed him around like a lost puppy. In high school, she dated Maty's best friend and dumped him after senior year. And now in college, they ended up taking the same classes together. Mateo always thought that the only thing they had in common were the people in their lives. However, after a cupcake incident, the two soon realize that maybe being stuck with each other isn't always a bad thing.


Raina Wilson - Raina is a girl who knows what she wants. She knows that she wants to start a cupcake business. She knows that business school is her top priority. She also knows that there are some people in her life that are not supportive of her dreams so she needs to distance herself away from them. Raina is usually smiling and tries to look at the bright side of things. Her cousin, Cora, would say that Raina loves to act like a mom to people - making sure that the people around her are fed and loved. Raina is 5'6, has hazel eyes, thick curly hair that reaches past her shoulders, and doesn't go anywhere without her favourite pink leather jacket.

Mateo "Maty" Diaz - At first glance, one might instantly call Maty an "emo" kid because of his appearance. His wardrobe consists of a lot of grey and black, and his dark hair and eyes matched his dark aesthetic. Mateo has not only lived under the shadow of his brother, but also his neighbour Raina. He's tired of being compared to other people's successes. Mateo might not be known for his academic, but he's definitely known for his heart and loyalty. If you need something or need someone, he'll be there - no questions asked.

Finished Stories

The Middle - Jayden Miller is my best friend and Mr. Popular. Over the years, of course I had to develop a stupid crush on him. Wesley Blake is the school loner, who I know nothing about other than he hated Jayden. When Wesley has something against Jayden, I have to go on a date with Wes in order to pay off a debt. How did I get stuck in the middle of this? (Process of Editing)

Pieces of Life Advice

1) Get enough sleep. Set your alarm. Watch the sunrise.

2) Never settle for less than you deserve.

3) Tell those you care about you love them. Say it often so it's not awkward saying it.

4) Turn up that music. Dance around in your room like you don't have a care in the world.

5) Get passionate about whatever you're doing; reading, writing, singing (even if others don't support you)

6) Make sure you're not surrounded by assholes.

7) Give more than you expect to receive. If everyone gave 100%, the world would be a much better place.

8) Don't be negative towards other people if you are angry, especially if it's not their fault.

9) If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. Don't major in it, eat it, date it, whatever.

10) A cup of tea (or coffee) is very therapeutic

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Mateo and Raina reviews
"This is Mateo, my..." I paused for a moment. Mateo Diaz wasn't my friend nor my enemy. We grew up together, but barely acknowledged each other during school. I dated (and dumped) his best friend and he still continued talking to me without taking sides. We never hung out but I knew that I could call him if I needed help. Why did I suddenly need to know what we were to each other?
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The Middle reviews
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