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Little Wagon

Red wagon

Filled with all my dreams wagon

Inspiration on little wheels

Old and rusty

New and dusty

Little wagon is always trusty

I love that wagon rust and all

I'll ride it till the wheels fall off - Red Wagon of Inspiration by Le Fabricant

Hi you guys! I realize that I don't say much about myself on my profile and really that makes no since at all, so I guess I can give this "about me" thing a try.

Fav Color: Lime/Neon Green & And most shades of pink

Fav drink: Orange and Peach soda -- Juice

Fav kind of food: Seafood -- Italian food

I'm a senior in High School

I love music and fashion so you can usually find me jamming to my favorite tunes or sketching fashion doll designs. I like all kinds of music (see music section) and am very open minded. Writing has sort of become my new passion (I have three passions in total). I like cartoons old and new. I also love anime but I'm very picky about which anime I'll watch. I love being on the computer. My mom hates that about me but I'm just like: "that's me and eventually you'll have to except that." I am currently OBSESSED with mustaches... I hope this helps you know me a little better. :)

Also I have a Gaiaonline account {Cherry Bomb Tarte}

And a Syndrone account {Toxic Lollipop} if you want to hang out

  • MESSAGE: I've added new chapters to Mind Puke some random lyrics, poetry and thoughts. My mind hasn't really been able to stay on one subject lately. So all of the new chapters might be very different from the other. A lots going on so a lot is spilling out. You feel me? Also I have added another theme song to Bullets and Daggers cause you know... every story needs two of them? (Lol) Check it out! Maybe you could listen to it while you read the first chapter... that's now out! -Le Fabricant
  • BULLETS AND DAGGERS *New Chapter]:

    Theme Song {WARNING Might cause extreme eargasm}

    Theme Song 2 {This one fits a lot more but I like them both}

    In a world of stiff suits and suffocating ties Bastian Marquart makes his living by wooing or threatening his way to the top. Sadly the job won’t be quite as easy with Edward Richardson equally as charming and equally as dangerous if not more so. Not to mention the guy is a total nutcase. Will Bastian make it through this job unscathed? BL Yaoi Rated M for a reason!

    Bullets And Daggers (B&D)

    [Make sure you're reviewing. I need feedback to keep the story going]

    MUSIC -Let me know if we like the same artist

    ϟƘƦƖןןΣx, Nickasaur! Cash Cash, JoJo, Jessie J, Samuel Larsen, Veronicas, Flyleaf, Jamie Grace, 2NE1, Jennifer Lopez, He is We, Escape the Fate, The Gazette, AND Eccentric Agent, Lights, Paramore, Bratz, 4Minute, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavinge, Beyonce, Blue Foundation, BoA, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Fall Out Boys, Green Day, Incubus, Lady Gaga, Metric, Nicki Minaj, Prima J, Prince, Pussycat Dolls, Se7en, Sean Paul, G-Dragon, Emilie Autumn, J Holiday, Shakira, Koda Kumi, Krewella, Cheryl Cole, Jin Akanishi, All Time Low, Three Days Grace, Bat For Lashes, Brown Eyed Girls, Marianas Trench, Incubus, Kazaky, Pixie Lott, Cher Lloyd, Angelspit, Jack Off Jill, The Pretty Reckless,

    RATINGS: Most of my stories are rated T or M

    WEIRD EXTRA: I collect those silica packs that comes in new shoes, handbags, and coats


    I love all of my stories and poetry and lyrics dearly. So copying my work or passing it as yours is like stealing my lover. I would appreciate it if you left my works in they're proper place. With me... Don't be the dirty home wrecker.

    Look into my chest tell me what you see, Baby, cut those heart seams and let me bleed out...- From "Mind Puke"

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    In a world of stiff suits and suffocating ties, Bastian Marquart, makes his living by wooing or threatening his way to the top. Sadly the job won't be quite as easy with Edward Richardson equally as charming and equally as dangerous if not more so. Not to mention the guy is a total nutcase. Will Bastian make it through this job unscathed? BL Yaoi Rated M for a reason!
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