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hi! I am a girl from the United States and I am looking forward to see what people think. I must warn you my grammar is very bad because I actually started writing them around 2011 and honestly I did not pay much attention in English class in school. So regretting that now, so sorry if there are a lot grammar errors but I will try to have as little as possible. Take note I like honest reviews so even if you think it is the worst thing you've read I would like to hear why. Just to warn you my stories might be a bit wordy so sorry for that. I also have a fanfiction under the same username.( https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2537542/dream18writer )

the first story i every wrote would be "Pretty Face" so that one will probably have the most mistakes but i will try to make it better. now in general it is about 2 boys who have to figure about how to help each other duel with bullies who pick on them because they look a little different. one has a pretty face and looks a lot like a girl. The other one has a baby face and he it very short so about 4 foot 5 or so. So he pretty mach looks like a stretched out elementary child. I might end up deleting the story all ready up and completely rewrite it. However that will be after I finish my other stories.

the second story i got inspired by a story i heard about a guy that was bullied so much he committed suicide. so this one is called "Bullying" a in short it is about a girl that has been living a terrible life and almost committed suicide. so now after she moves far away with her mom she has to learn to live a happy life but the real question is well she be able to.


The 29th- just in case it gets a little confusing in the story. in this world there are 3 moons and if you are born at night you can be a demon and if your born in the day then you can be a magical child. (take note just because there are 3 moons do not mean that there are mostly demons it has to be dork outside for them to be demons.) not everyone who is born is a demon or a magical child. then there are different level to them depending on when they were born. Chance is a level 6 the highs and the friend he meets is a magical child also level 6. also because most demons are bad most people kill them when they are born. the way they can tell if a person is a demon is if they have slit eyes like a cat or a snake. for a magical child they will got a star or a sparkle in there eyes. also depending on the level depends on the level of magical abilities. demons know mostly dark magic and magical children know mostly light magic. in these story i hope a can explain all the levels good enough but if i feel i need to feel you in a will put it on my page.

Adventures of the cursed- this is about 2 boys that get curses for unfair reasons and when they meet they go on an adventure to try and break their curse. in this story there is Florian/flora who turns into a girl for 3 days each month and when it happens is completely random. he is flora when he is a girl and florian when he is a girl. and the other boy is Major and he can only see girls and i am serious. if he looks at a girl he sees a girl but if he looks at a boy he sees a girl. so he uses florians curse to his advantage to he can talk to people with out getting hurt. take note in this story there are also blessing as well and when you get a curse or a blessing you can only have one or the other. curses are given to people that are bad unless they are given to them by a person that has the blessing that can give curses. and a blessing is given to people that do a good deed and the best on is the blessing to remove curses. take note if you abuse the power of a blessing it will disappear.

my friend - a young boy named Ira is a very weak and very lonely boy who one day meets Dave who he becomes best fiend with. however Ira has a secret and when it is revealed how will it affect the 2 boys friendship. TO LET PEOPLE NOW I WILL BE EDITING THIS FOR THE NEXT FEW WEEKS OR MONTHS SO I WILL NOT BE WRITING NEW CHAPTERS FOR AWHILE.

Courts Angel - originally a story I worked on in my free time but because I have a problem with re-reading things I decided to post this to help me get to writing again so I can continue to edit my other story (My Friend) sooner. NOW FOR THE SUMMARY: pretty much there is this tall guy named duke who is really tall, and I mean TALL, who comes to school and runs into another guy (who he finds out is a guy later in the story) named Reny and instantly likes him (thinking its a her at first). In the end he joined the Basketball club knows Renny is a boy and he even continues to like him. However there are a couple of problems to face first. 1) Duke never played the game and he if awful. 2) Renny is really popular with other guys, including ones from other schools. 3) Dukes friend Sam knows Duke likes Renny and he aften teases about it so Duke gets nervous and never can confess or the mood if ruined be him. 4) and most importantly Renny hates guys who follow him around and he hates all of that kind of attention so confessing is a big problem. 5) minor problem Renny is never taken seriously with ANYTHING so even if a confession is said he might not believe it.

A flowers wish - There is this land and in this land there is this legend of the flowers. All flowers are roses because I like those flowers but using flower just sounded better. Anyway there are 6 colored roses with did wish granting abilities. However there are may of each colored rose and each of the flower rulers posses one person. The person is still normal but there hair changes to the color of the rose that is in them and they also gain a mark in between there collar bones that looks like a flower pedal also the some color as the flower ruler. However, again, there are many of each colored rose in the world except one and that is the blue rose which only has 1. The reason why there is only 1 is because it has absolutely no restriction on its wish. You could literally wish for anything. However there are also certain things the person who wants the wish to do. First the flower holder has to agree to grant the wish. Next they have to go to the secret location that only the blue rose has knowledge too. Lastly the person how whats the wish has to give a drop of their blood to make the ruler appear and then wait for the ruler to appear and then ask for the wish. It really could be anything, other than blood, but the people are scared of what would happen if there affording is not great enough. After the wish is granted the holder dies. These is because the power is so grant and takes up so much energy that the holder can not withstand it so the die. This story is pretty much a young mans adventure, with the young blue rose, to get back the riches he has lost. Along the way he finds out about the many roses and even discovers the consequences of wishing on the blue rose. But he still wants his happiness. So what will happen to him and the little boy?

My Best Friend is and Alien! - Ok I just came up with this and am still building on the idea. The idea is is that there are to friends and one just discovers that his best friend is a alien who come to earth purely to learn about is and hopeful be able to permanently live on earth with the rest of the alien people. I think I want the alien friend to be some sort of prince of his planet. Another think I might have is that an evil government finds out about the friends secret and try to take him away and make him get the rest of his people to make them into slaves. So they are on the run trying to slowly get people to except him and his people. Thing is will they except and will everything end peacefully like the aliens have wanted. Tell me what you think and even sent me some ideas if you want because like I said I am still building on the My best friends an alien idea.

Lost, Love, Letter - my first romance tragedy. However I do not think it is very good considering I don't know what happens in those kinds of situations. But I am hoping it is at the very least ok. I also hope I didn't make to many mistakes considering I wrote that is about 20 or so minutes.

My secret dress - Aya is a girl who really wants to be a wedding dress designer. She can sketch the dress but for some reason she can not make the dress. Then he best friend tells her that she is getting married and it was then that she secretly told herself that she could make a great custom made dress for her. After many failures she meets Mao. A boy who is great at making them but she for some reason he will not help her make this important dress. After many challenges what will their future have. Ok I get this idea out of nowhere when a friend of mine say she is getting married. I liked it and decided to write it. It is not going to be long. So maybe 2, 3 or 4 chapters then it is done. I hope it turns out OK. By the way I will do a re-write or edit the story once I am finish. This is mainly do to the fact that I am writing this on the spot and some there is some stuff I need to figure out. Once the chapter are done I will be able to change the things that need to be changed.

A Demented Love - This is a story my brother did for a school project. I didn't read it but the teacher like it and so I ask to post it and he agreed. I mainly did this to see how people like it.

Child in the Mist - OK I came up with this intending for it to be in Fanfiction but then I figured. Wait since it is completely different form the show it was intended for I should just make it a new story here. It is about 3 boys. A 13 year old, Nathan, who is the main character and is very adventurous. Then is the Child in the mist. Still working out a name or him. Then the towns Trickster. Have no name for him either. In short Nathan wants to discover the secret of the area of mist and he does little by little. The trickster also wants the secret but its mainly under the orders of his father who wants to know the secret because he swears he knows the secret but everyone in the village thinks he is crazy. The trickster hardly appears but he is almost always there. They go on this adventure to discover the spirit's past as well as what causes the mist.


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