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Hello! I'm Nikkome Konno. Feel free to call me Nikki, or whatever you want. I'm not sure what to say, so how about I start with stuff about my writing style.

I come from, and I wrote a lot about anime/manga. So, if things go out the way it's going, I'll be a manga writer. I'm quite a young author, and I think I'll go far.

Now, let's see. How about a bit background of my writing:

I started to write when I was ten years old, and at the top of my class in English class. I don't typically have a problem in grammar or spelling, and if I do, I was probably not watching what I was doing. I tend to write quickly and think of future events, leading to writer's block on how I could get to an event I had planned. Sometimes I get carried away on paragraphs and drawl in too much on one subject. But on the most part, I do pretty well in description and dialogue.

I'm aiming to become the best author I can become, so I am completely open to criticism. I'm not particularly sensitive, but if you display criticism in a harsh way without telling me how to improve, I will consider that a flame. Like I said, I am open to criticism, but if you just tell me what I did wrong and not give me any information on how to improve, you aren't helping anyone. I appreciate reviews, but aren't reliant on them. Just review every now and then to let me know you're reading, that's all I'm asking of you.

As to my writing, I don't typically cuss. I only cuss in my writing when a character I create is a big cusser, or the situation calls for it. The main cuss words that I use that aren't typically offensive are 'Damn,' 'Crap,' and 'Shit.' I'm not sure if this is considered cussing, but I use 'Hell' a lot too. I don't try to cuss a lot, but I try to keep it to a minimum. The one, or two, words that I use frequently will be 'Crap' and 'Damn' so be prepared to read those words. I don't consider them harmful, but if you do, watch out for them.

I tend to go in regular POV (point of view) and only on occasions go into a character's point of view. Only sometimes do I use a characters POV in most of my chapters if my story is written that way.

My favorite books are: the Hunger Games trilogy, The Westing Game, and certain mangas.

That all for now!


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