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Hello everyone who actually reads people's profiles! My name is Anti-Disney, well not my actual name but I'm sure you realize that as well , the same name of my FanFiction account. I've been writing forever now and decided to post some of my original stories. I initially started with Terra Firma Academy and soon after Adamos Divine. In all honestly I had not even planned out half of them before posting them, which is why they are both either on hiatus or being rewritten. The rewrite for Terra Firma Academy will be named Terra Firma Warfront, which I will describe below. Adamos Divine however will most likely stay on hiatus until I am either done with Warfront or until I have a better idea for it.

Well to give a little insight on who I am I'd like to give a list about what books and shows I like(mainly anime) but there isn't nearly enough room here and I don't have that much time...just if it's anime and it's good there's a chance that I've seen it.

Likes-Reading, Writing, Cooking, and Sleeping.

Dislikes-Too many to count, I'm quite picky like that.

I don't have a good history of finishing stories but I can't seem to stop writing but I have decided to put the Terra Firma series on hiatus until I can decide if I want to continue it, rewrite it (again), or cancel it altogether.

Soul Blade is the story of Seina Maiko and the choices she makes. There are several different routes to the end but only one is the True End. Expect action, mystery, horror, death, and friendship. Every chapter is a day, besides the Horde Route where I put two in one.

Soul Blade: Horde-It started with the disappearance of three grade school girls on one cold February afternoon. At least, that's what started the rise or downfall of Seina Maiko. First route in the Soul Blade story. Rated M for blood and death. Complete

Soul Blade: The End-It started with the disappearance of three grade school girls on one cold February afternoon. At least, that's what started the rise or downfall of Seina Maiko. Will making a different choice reach the end? Second Route in the Soul Blade story. Rated M for blood and death. In progress

Soul Blade: One's Own Hands-It ended with her death time and time again. Time and time again isn't enough, there's only one way to end it once and for all. Third and final Route in the Soul Blade story. Rated M for blood and death. In progress

Below are the stories that I've put on hiatus

Terra Firma Warfront-For Alexander Adlar it all began with the Battle of Sontoku sixteen years ago. For Rosemary Wynne it all began with the storm of her childhood. For Juan Yan it all began with the Black Fire Incident. Everyone has their own story and own demons to face but what they all have in common is the will to fight for what they believe in. Follow their stories as they fight against the forces of Thanatos and all those who fight against their Will. This story is more anime and manga based and darker than the original with better arcs and plots and much more fights.--On Hiatus for now

Terra Firma Academy-Alexander Adlar has always been in his brother's shadow. Him being a Third Rank Knight of the school that's no surprise. At the first day of school Alex decides to attend to become a Knight, one of the six leaders of the school. The story focuses on Alex, his brother Leo, his mysterious friend Astaroth, the beautiful Rosemary, the enemy comrade Dracul, and the sport loving Kachigo. This story is more anime and manga related and would be perfect for one and not a novel so expect that much.--Being Rewritten

Adamos Divine-Awakening in a crater, he finds himself surrounded by corpses and a strange, demon like man. The man told him that he had stolen his memories to test him, and that he had two choices. To side with him or fight against him. Watching as the corpses around him stand up he hears their wishes in his head. To never let what happened to them happen to anyone else. Fighting against him he falls unconscious and wakes up in a small village. From there on he has his own mission, to find his memories, control his enormous power, and defeat his father-Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies and Lord of Gluttony.

Very religious based but no bashing of any religion and existence of many gods and creatures from different mythologies.--On Hiatus

Currently collaborating with Guns N' Lilies and MayCHUhatake on Supernatural--Hiatus I believe

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