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Meh, for what it's worth I decided to keep my account active. In regards to the decision made Sept. 12th to ban all NC-17 fictions from the site, however, I must say that and I are in complete disagreement. And while silence may be compliance, I do not consider my decision to stay at for the time being an endorsement of 's actions. It is simply a good fanfiction site where I have met several excellent authors and many devoted friends. And I will continue to remain here until I feel I am no longer welcome.

Heh. We'll see how long that takes.

For the curious (and the stalkers):

My name is Aoi. That is not my real name but it might as well be somedays. I am old enough to drink, drive and swear, but I can't run for Congress. Yet. You do the math :). I am proud to be female and have never wanted to change that fact. Being male does not automatically make a person happy, sane or special in any way. And anyone who says otherwise needs a reality check in the form of a boot to the head. I like yuri, het and yaoi and not always in that order. My dream is to make enough money writing that I can retire and live in a comfortable apartment in a big city with a lot of cats and enough herbal tea to survive the Apocalypse. I may sound cynical, egotistical and catankerous. Aside from being so, I am also a very nice and tolerant person who loves constructive feedback and making new friends... provided they are housebroken ;).

I also love Palmer/Heidegger slash. I think I am alone in that fact.