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Name: Luna or Raven (which ever)

Age: Should I really tell?

Gender: Female (preferably tomboy)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Zodiac: Ox

Occupation: Student, worker, writer, artist (sketches & sometimes paintings) and hobbyist

Other: I go to a psychology camp during summer and winter (if need of any help just pm me), I sometimes go to a mental camp(I am not crazy, I seem to have 'issues' as my parents state), I love to play with swords and fire. I'm naturally dark and moody, but can sometimes by happy (sometimes). I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder [multiple personality]), I am a bit dyslexic and sometimes my parents state I have ADHD.

My brother asks me multiple questions to a point where I might want to rip his head off.

Question 1: What do you like to write about?

What kind of bloody question is that?!?! I write fantasy, historical, horror, adventure, romance (sometimes), action, and thriller.

Question 2: What do you do for pastime?

Seriously, another bloody stupid question! (Next time I'll dump my brother in a trash can) I love to write stories, read books of various kinds, play football (soccer), American Football, baseball, basketball, rugby, and sometimes cricket.

Question 3: What about your personality?

I am usually dark and moody, but can be helpful and cheerful. I don't like to be the center of attention for it attracts unwanted visitors to my head. I prefer to be a social outcast.

Question 4: What do you dream about?

Seriously, I can't handle this... Okay I dream about things that will happen to me in the future, call me an idiot or whatever, but when I dream of something it comes true 99 to 100. Sometimes my dreams talk about my feelings from my heart.

Question 5: Do you like manga/anime? (Are you an otaku?)

Yes, does it matter whether I am an otaku or not? I love things from Japan, especially the vocaloid singers who are purely awesome!

Question 6: Do you watch television?

Seriously, I have already answered five questions! Anyway, I don't watch television anymore, I just watch it on my laptop and desktop.

Question 7: If you were to pick an element which would it be?

Death and Fire, seriously I'll be a bloody necromancer for Spirit's sake! Pyrotechnic is awesome, don't mess with me when I am around fire or I'll turn all Avatar on people.

Question 8: Do you write stories?

No, I draw them on my computer and post them on the internet dear brother. But yes I do, sometimes I stay on my computer 24/7 without eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Sometimes my parents worry.

Question 9: If you were to be stuck in a fairy tale what would you do?

What?!?! {Screams at some sliced cheese} Why a bloody fairy tale?!?! My life is unfair!!!! {Done screaming} Okay if I were to be stuck in a fairy tale, then I'll find the wizard/sorcerer/witch and beat the person up until I can get out.

Question 10: What kind of music do you listen to?

Finally something reasonable, okay I mostly listen to Japanese music since it helps me think. I prefer listening to some anime songs or Vocaloid. But if I am depressed or angry at the world I listen to hard rock and sing along to it, for it calms me down and somewhat suppress my anger issues.


We all have inner demons, sometimes we can't let them out for they might tell us the truth about ourselves. Unlike other people, I tend to stray from the path of light. Darkness seems to like me better than the light. I tell them not to worry, yet they worry; they are fools. Treating me like a helpless child. Why...why treat me like a child even though I am passed childhood. In words of Raven, don't let the darkness consume you.


Sound a bit emo-ish when I typed my last entry on my profile.Oh well, sometimes my 'other self' likes to write things down when I am not fully aware of things.


I AM A FRICKIN' AUTHOR IN TRAINING! I'm sorry if I don't actually have the necessary skills of an author, but when I try to type my ADHD takes over and I am writing/typing garbage at times.

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