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SE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ͯͬ͐E̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ M̴̖̩͖͓̪̐̍E̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋


C̡̨̺̻͕͔̼͉̺̑ͥͅO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱ͭ́͑̀͋ͪM̴̖̩͖͓̪̐̍ͯͬ͐E̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ͮ͊ͩ̏ C̡̨̺̻͕͔̼͉̺̑L͊͑O͍͖̪̼͋̈ͮ͒̋SE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋R

ou ɥo - DO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱N’T RUNͭ́͑̀͋ͪ

SCRE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋AM I GE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋T ͯͬ͐SO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱ Lͭ́͑̀͋ͪO͍͖̪̼͋̈Nͭ́͑̀͋ͪE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋LY

INͭ́͑̀͋ͪ THE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋SE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ CO͍͖̪̼͋̈LD MO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱ME̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋Nͭ́͑̀͋ͪTS

SILE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋Nͭ́͑̀͋ͪT - BRO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱O͍͖̪̼͋̈DINͭ́͑̀͋ͪG - INTE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋Nͭ́͑̀͋ͪSE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋

I RE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋CALL YO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱U PRO͍͖̪̼͋̈MISE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋D THE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ SUNͭ́͑̀͋ͪ

YO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱U’LL ALWAYS THINͭ́͑̀͋ͪK BACK O͍͖̪̼͋̈N US

ͮ͊WHE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋Nͭ́͑̀͋ͪ I STILL HAD BRE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ATH

ANͭ́͑̀͋ͪD MY HE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋ART A PULSE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋

I THINͭ́͑̀͋ͪK YO͍͖̪̼͋̈U LO͎͇̞̹̮̭̱VE̴̪̯͙̜͚̝̋D ME


Hello, Reader.

I often write about lesbian relationships because they fascinate me, though I lack firsthand experience in such things.

I am not a man, so I cannot claim to know how it feels for one man to love another, thus, I am cautious in such matters of writing.

I believe that there is no such thing as innocence in this world, a world where one fears or hates in the name of god; not God, just 'god'.

The God I believe in is made of love, not irrational phobias, and He frowns at those who use His image as an excuse to cause suffering to others.

H'Phobes, take your fearful hatred elsewhere.

Everyone else, I hope you enjoy my stories.

Please, friends, do review what you read.

Reviewers magically make my world turn.

My genuine thanks for your spent time.


"And can you by no drift of circumstance / Get from him why he puts on this confusion, / Grating so harshly all his days of quiet / With turbulent and dangerous lunacy?"

"...I essentially am not in madness, / But mad in craft."


A brief note to those sending me invites to their fiction-archive-website-thing-a-ma-jigs that are decidedly not FictionPress:

I don't like to be pressed. Although some of the requests I have been getting for me to join your FP alternatives have been nicely worded, I'd like to ask that you please stop sending me spam. If I don't reply the first time, assume that I am not interested. Don't spam me again.

It's not spam? I feel that if you were genuinely interested in my work, you would have sent a review at least. You haven't reviewed. There's no evidence that you read my stories at all (Favourites and Alerts do not count - those require zero effort). So I call it spam.

U like it. Y u no submit review to it?

Thank you.


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