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I know I write like crap. But what I do write is from my mind and I don't want anyone to copy and paste it and change to make it better and claim it as their own. Thats cheating and lazy and I think you're a PUNK if you do it. SO to try to change this theres a petition to stop the ability of others to copy and paste other's stories so they can be plagiarized.



I'm working on my first ever story. I have different scenes and conversations in my head and down on paper but I need to work them into the story. I can't tell you what sort of story it will be. It has different types of themes as a whole but I'm going with a temporary "romance" theme. We'll see if it pans out to be one lol It's been bugging me in my head for some time now and I finally couldn't take it anymore and just started writing stuff into a word document lol Just to get it out of my head. Sort of like scene vomit. EW! lol This may take me a while since it's not really a "calling" of mine. Just have to wait and see.

March 9, 2014

I've cleared out the list of stories I was following. Some had not been updated for 4 YEARS! Good Grief! I got rid of all that were 2 years or more not updated.

Seriously, if you're not going to finished it don't start it! It's annoying and whats even more annoying are the lame and stupid excuses of why you didn't finish it or update it in a timely manner.

I don't want have to read your crying and whining about how life is just so much work and trouble and it interferes with your writing. My question is: Why did you post it and start it to begin with if it wasn't finished?

I want to go on record and say that the alert function is not working and has not worked since the last "update" to the site ( which was when the new search function went into effect and it sucks. I like the old way).

Sept 27th,2013

My story that is the first one I've been writing is now on it's 3rd reincarnation lol I'm up to 17 chapters (yay). The other story ( which would be #3) is going well but I haven't really fleshed out the chapters. It's just written in a continuous word document. Characters from it pop up in my head when I'm trying to work on #1 and I have to deal with them. *grumble grumble* lol

I'm coming across stories where the authors actually try to blackmail readers into posting reviews so they will continue to write. wth? It's pretty asinine to try to make people review so you will deign them with another chapter. Apparently writing for these people is not something they "have" to do. It's not something thats inside them to get out if they can just threaten people before they write another chapter. Makes me wonder if they use the same tactics IRL against others to make them do things they may not want to. Seems petty to me and quite underhanded. If you're going to write do so. If your just writing to gain attention then by all means keep playing games with the readers of your stories. Did you ever stop to think that maybe they're fine with what is written so far and that they will post comments when they see something to make a comment about? Maybe you haven't posted enough chapters for them to make a decided opinion about yet?

I also want to go on record stating that the new search function for stories is crap. I hate it. The old way was much easier and better in function. I know nothing will change but I'm on record anyway. *shrugs*

July 25th, 2013

Whats going on with FictionPress????

Something is up with FP. I can't search for stories like I used to be able to do just yesterday. I sure do wish if updates to the site are going to be made that some warning would be made to everyone.

I have news for TPTB, the new search features SUCK!! lol

Hopefully it will get fixed.

Unfortunately I guess I'll have to use my stupid twitter account to search for some updates about news for the place. ugh. I hate twitter. It's so annoying that I get tweets from people and pages that I don't even follow! what the hell?? I hate even logging into the damn thing.


I can not believe the number of stories not finished on FP. It boggles my mind. If you're going to post something at least have the decency to finish it. good grief. And to let them wallow in limbo for years and years...people...what is wrong with you? There some writers on here who have 20 and 30 stories and all of them are incomplete. My gawd! They start one and then they start another and another and another and none of them get finished. That tells me a lot about these people. First that they are quitters not only in their writing but more than likely in real life. Second that they're not organized enough to get through anything probably during the day and that they have no schedules in their lives or discipline. I wonder how or if they can hold down jobs? hmm.. makes ya wonder. I know my writing sucks but hey at least I finished my one story so far. And yes, I did start another not long after I started Bogarting Mozart, but I just kept it as a document on my hard drive and didn't post it because it's no where near ready to be posted yet. I more than likely won't post that one until it's finished. And then I have my original story that has had many changes and drafts lol I doubt I will post that one on here. I may just do a blog for it.


Some how my Firefox crashed taking with it all of my bookmarks that I've been collecting for years now. I've loaded a new firefox browser but apparently when I logged in here today my story was gone. There is no record of it. I know it's not that great but like I said in another update I'll put it here in case my computer crashes. Seeing as how my firefox went today, I have no idea what to do now if just from my browser crashing I lose my story. I've also lost ALL of my favorite stories and the ones I was following. So now I have to start over. This just sucks!

yay, everything is back to normal. well except I still lost years worth of bookmarks. oh well*


Every time I work on the body of the story more scenes and conversations start so I have to stop and put them down. Now I have to figure out how to incorporate them into the story. I even have another prologue thats been nagging at me but I think I can use a few pieces from the original one in it here and there. I do know how it ends and I have some of a epilogue figured out. Kind of bass- ackwards eh, doing the end first! lol

Nov. 25, 2012

Just loaded a story. Have no idea if I'll add to it. It came to me while I was trying to fall asleep a few weeks back and it wouldn't let up so I wrote it down lol.

My one story that I've been working on is up to chapter seven now. I don't plan on uploading this one until I'm sure I'm finished. I've already scrapped characters and changed the prologue lol

Dec. 22 2012

I've been reading a story and I have to say that the author's replies to the reviews are three times longer than the chapter. Good grief! Really? Do us all a favor and do those loooong replies in a PMs eh? geesh

Ari and Caspian finally came back to bug me before sleep. That seems to be the time when the characters make an appearance for me ( like I don't have sleep issues to begin with ?), also had a scene or two with the other story I'm working on.

Like you all care LMAO!

I want to tell everyone that I don't plan on reading any reviews. So don't bother okay? I really don't care if you like my writing or not *shrugs* Harsh I know but this is just a way to get this stuff out of my head. It pops in there and then won't go away and having it down somewhere else besides my computer will ensure that I don't lose it if my machine throws a hissy fit and crashes ( it's happened before lol).


Really I shouldn't have to be telling people this stuff. Good grief, it's called FICTION for a damn reason! lmao!

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