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Wazzup, readers? The name's Baby BlueJay, or to those who know me on Fanficion, P.Jay13. I'm a fellow reader and writer; you're welcome for the newsflash. Here are some things you may/may not care to know about me.

Update - 10/31/15

Hey, guys. Baby BlueJay, reporting for duty. I'm still alive, and can't believe it's been three years almost to the day since I've updated this rinky-dink page. That's on me. But I'm still kickin' and currently working to get Chapter 20 up in the next few weeks or so. In the meantime, I can't stress enough how much I appreciate all the support I'm getting for continuing Silver Linings. Thanks for not giving up on me or the story, folks. The show must go on, and it took a few people to bring this to my attention for me to finally dust off the cobwebs and get to work. I owe it to you lot, so just hang on a little longer. Thanks again~

~B. BlueJay

Update - 10/11/12

Sooo...yeah. I'm thinking about doing these every once in a while so people won't think I'm dead or have abandoned my stories. But who knows? On this I might actually post something worthwhile! :P

First, school has in fact started for me, so that's a main reason why I may be MIA for long periods of time. For the record, I am still very much in love with Silver Linings and have NOT given up on it, although I do apologize for the late updates. Still... Sorry, I just don't give up that quickly. ;)

Right, moving on. I am over half way down with Chapter 14 of Silver Linings. The reason why I haven't posted is NOT because of the reviews, it's because of school. I stress this because I wanna make sure no one thinks I'm posting just for reviews. I assure you that I'm posting chapters for my own enjoyment - pleasing other people is just a bonus. :D

And speaking of bonuses, Chapter 14 is in fact a bonus chapter, as I promised to my readers. It's a secret right now what will happen, but here's a hint: my purpose is to go more in depth of Dani's wannabe-normal life before all the Spikeasauras and Alter Knight drama happened. After that I will return back to the original plot. Chapter 14 is basically an experiment for now; if people like it then I'll try to do as many as needed to keep the story fresh and interesting. Note that no two bonus chapters will be alike or have the same focus. Think of them as individual one-shots, if you will. I hope that clears up my thoughts and plans for some of you.

Well, for now I think that's it. Expect Chapter 14 soon, and my sincerest apologies to those who took the time to make an OC that still hasn't appeared yet or just not had much face-time. Everything will be tied together as soon as I can make it, promise. Bye for now!

~B. BlueJay

Name: In case you missed it, it's (Baby) BlueJay/BJ. I'm not picky~

Gender: Female, through and through.

Age: The number's still got a "teen" attached.

Appearance: All I'm gonna say is that I have shoulder-length auburn hair, tall, wear my trademark glasses, and am an AfriCAN American, not an AfriCAN'T:)

Fav Color: If it wasn't obvious from my Penname, it's blue. One of the best colors of the world. Just saying.

Personality: I'm super friendly, and you can seriously picture me saying hi to random strangers. I'm pretty tough though, but only in the way of not taking any unnecessary crap from people. With that said, I'm a tom-boy at heart, but actually do have my girly side. Plus, I have more girl friends than I do guy friends sometimes, but make up for that with the time I spend killing zombies with my guy friends. I'm a former percussionist and a proud otaku, meaning a total geek when it comes to Japanese culture including anime, manga, the food, and the history. I respect all beliefs and cultures while being a Christian myself, dislike prejudice people, and have friends of every color of the rainbow.

Favorite Anime:

Fullmetal Alchemist

Ouran High School Host Club

School Rumble

Fruits Basket

Black Butler I and II

Sgt. Frog

Princess Tutu

Baka and Test 1 and 2


Angel Beats

Princess Jellyfish

Death Note

Favorite Books:

Artemis Fowl series

The Giver

Percy Jackson series

The Heroes of Mt. Olympus series

The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Maximum Ride series

The Mediator series

A lot of manga I'll name later~

Favorite Video Games:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tales from the Borderlands

Life is Strange

The Last of Us

The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 & 2)

A Tale of Two Brothers

The Wolf Among Us

Ori and the Blind Forest

Pokemon Ranger: The Shadows of Almia

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

Favorite TV shows:


New Girl


Invader Zim

House, M.D.

The Walking Dead

Young Justice

A buttload of Korean dramas (don't ask)

And plenty more~

OCs that have featured in my story Silver Linings Come in Stormy Weather

floridapanther28OvernOut owns James and Patrick:

Name/Hero Name: James

Gender: M

Age (Please range from around 6-18): 12

Appearance: About 5'4. He has strange eyes that are a big mesh of all the eye colors. His hair is a cool-looking mix of wavy and straight. His hair is very long, but not girly- maybe ending at his lips. He's pretty skinny. Anyways, he wears pretty normal clothing for his age- he likes plain clothing. He's really good at playing the saxophone, and he's very fast at running too. Lots of girls think he's cute, even though he is the biggest loser alive. He has freckles. 8D

Personality: He seems like a quite kid at first, but once you get to know him... hes very random. He says things like, "Fruit water" in the hallways to his friends and "pickles" as a greeting. He isn't ready for girls even though he has a crush on Cassey, who is his friend (*surprisingly). He usually just listens to her as she blabs to him. He is very awkward around girls, even though he is the middle child with two sisters. He is left-handed. He doesn't get mad very often, but when he does... it is BAAAAAAAAAAAAD. He doesn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day, and if a perky person talks to him, he says, "Go away, you're annoying me! Do you NEVER know when to just. Shut. UP!" but he's pretty calm and funny most of the time.

Powers/Special Abilities: He has the power to walk through walls. Makes getting around a lot easier. He has been in too many "Employees Only" rooms. One time, he found two coworkers having "fun" if you catch my drift here (*If you don't want to put that in the story then you don't have to- I just thought it would be funny to add 8D ). He can also stun someone for exactly 5 seconds.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes pasta but doesn't like pizza. He likes a big mixture of friends, but his best friend other than Cassey makes fun of him for hanging out with girls. Anyways, he dislikes bullies and boring adults. He HATES politics. He loves watching movies and staring at Cassey and playing saxophone and staring at Cassey and not talking about himself and staring at Cassey- did I mention staring at Cassey?

Species (Mutant or Human): Mutant. :D Sometimes, his right foot starts to disappear in the middle of class because he tends to fall through the floor. He focuses his energy on his foot staying, and then his other foot starts to go... nobody notices though, since his shoes and socks cover it xD But, as a result, his socks are always bunched up...

History/Back Story: He has two sisters and is a middle child. He was supposed to have an older brother, but he had complications at birth so his older brother died. Sometimes, he talks to his older brother in the supernatural world since his brother was going to be a mutant and that was his power- talking in and out of the barrier between living and dead. James has both of his parents still alive. He doesn't like to talk about his personal life. He is middle class. James communicates awkwardly, and comes across as the very tiniest bit autistic even though he is not. James has known Cassey for a year. He has lactose intolerance and a disease which keeps him from eating many different things such as anything with caffiene, carbonation, fruit/vegetable skins, and many other things (*If you want to get into specific diseases, PM me for the disease... wow that is not something you hear every day). He met Cassey in his first period class in 6th grade, reading. He didn't show much interest in her, but he saw her cat ear peeking out of her head so he said something to her in private about keeping herself concealed. She became friends with him that way. Also, Dani (*I think that was her name...) teases her cousin about liking him xD Her cousin never admits it...

Position on Team (leader, mechanic, weapon specialist, etc.): Um... I don't know what this means, so... um... since he's smart, he's a mechanic...?

Pet (optional; can be a mutant or regular animal): He has a pet Florida Panther that is immortal and albino named Floofy. He got Floofy when he was five years old. Floofy was only a little kitten when he first got him. Floofy is lazy, but a great companion to talk to. Everyone who knows that he is a mutant thinks that Floofy is a stupid name, but he doesn't care. :D

Pairings (I will ask for your permission to pair them up with someone): Cassey please :)

Status (good or evil? Tell me in a PM so we won't spoil the surprise;)): OK I think you can tell by now, though... :/


Name/Hero Name: Patrick

Gender: M

Age (Please range from around 6-18): 15

Appearance: He has short, curly, dark brown hair and freckles. He is very lazy and is nicknamed "Spot" since he's always in the same spot- on his computer, in his room. He always looks disheveled but hates germs. He is surprisingly not fat- but regular sized. He is about 5'10. His eyes are bright emerald green, and quite gorgeous Every girl thinks he is LAMME, though, so nobody ever even cares enough to look at his eyes...

Personality: He is a germophobe and a neat freak. He has OCD and literally 506 folders on his flashdrive- CRAZY OCD. Patrick is incredibly smart and nerdy, which gets him weird looks. He has no real friends, but Aaron thinks that he's really cool and hopes to be as smart as Patrick some day. Patrick is flattered by the little kid and thinks of him as his own son... even though he's fifteen lol xD

Powers/Special Abilities: Unlimited memory and knowledge. When he hears something, he never forgets it. He doesn't need to hide anything visibly, but he talks WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast for people to decipher. He sticks out like a sore thumb.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes being complimented, since it doesn't happen very often. He loves healthy foods and hates sugar, so that is why he is so thin. He dislikes physical labor and anything sugary. He loves video games.

Species (Mutant or Human): Mutant, but again, hardly noticeable visibly.

History/Back Story: His parents knew that something was wrong with him when he was doing quadratic equations/formulas when he was two years old and couldn't even speak yet. His parents both couldn't raise him and gave him away, so he has an adoptive mother and father who love him dearly- even if he IS a couch potato. He's never made a friend since he is very socially awkward. He and James have a mutual respect for one another, and they are sort of friends. He lives in the same neighborhood as James and Dani and Cassey.

Position on Team (leader, mechanic, weapon specialist, etc.): He's a leader, and everyone looks up to him with respect since he has witty comebacks memorized in his head. xD Plus over 9000 digits of pi. :D

Pet (optional; can be a mutant or regular animal): He has a pet fish named Beta Reader (*Patrick's a fanfiction nerd). The fish is a Beta fish, obviously... XD He stares into Beta Reader's tank often, and finds him fascinating. Beta Reader finds him creepy. XD Beta Reader speaks his opinion- literally, since he can talk- and when a bubble comes form his mouth as he talks, when the bubble pops, you can hear what he said. :D

Pairings (I will ask for your permission to pair them up with someone): I could care less.

Status (good or evil? Tell me in a PM so we won't spoil the surprise;)): Again, I think this one is obvious

Here are some more. Note: These ones are just the quick descriptions of them. I will finish them later, promise.

Brianna/Psy= swingdancer23: Reads minds, age seventeen, hard core and hard to impress, mortal enemy of Pancake; dark brown hair with light brown highlights in short bob style, tall, green eyes

Cyrus/Ascend= swingdancer23: Can fly, age eighteen, introvert but polite, enjoys stargazing and Cheetos, and is hopelessly in love with Brianna. Shaggy black hair, deep brown eyes, wears black rectangular glasses, tall, and really strong arms.

Lacey/The Blue Bolt= Grandmaster Soul: Super-speed, age sixteen, bubbly, high energy levels; shoulder-length blonde hair with blue streaks, green eyes, short

Yuri/Golden Arc= Grandmaster Soul: Controls lightning, age seventeen, likes and dislikes nothing, an overall a* (Dani's words, not mine :P); long waist-length black hair and golden eyes

Stella/Plural= violetfireflies: Clones herself, previously attacked by Spikeasaurus, age seventeen; loud, makes jokes, sets Asher straight when he flirts for unknown reason... Light blonde hair just past shoulder-length, blue-green eyes, short

Angus/Creature= chuice (anonymous): Turns herself into a three-headed hydra (each head shoots lightning, fire, and ice), age fourteen, shy, smart ratty brown hair, pretty eyes, and stick-like figure.

Rachael/Tart= The Nerdy Mirror Maze Queen (anonymous): Exhales acid through mouth that can make you hallucinate, skin burns to the touch, age fifteen, talkative; tan skin, shoulder-length wavy black hair, bright green eyes, tall and skinny.

Lissy/Vigor= 13DawnsShadow13 (anonymous): Channels pure energy and can use it to heal others and herself, age fourteen, tough, mysterious and rebellious; long black hair tied in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, athletic build.

Adriana/Tigress= Kaylio: When mad or under stress, silver stripes appear on forehead, triangular striped ears pop out of head, hands turn to claws with black stripes and fur, grows tail, and has longer canines. She's independent, hot-tempered, cares how she looks, and hates being teased about height. Her normal appearance is short height, long red hair, and dark brown eyes.

Pancake (Lindsay)/Spawn= HersheyChocolates101 (anonymous): Creates illusions, age fourteen, clever, looks innocent but is really misbehaved and likes to prank. Straight and thick shoulder-length brown hair, skinny arms and legs, gray-blue eyes.

Kilas/Temp= Kaylio: Left hand is extreme heat and the right is extreme cold-when he claps them together they're switched off and vice versa, and it's impossible to cut off his arms. He has a weapon only he can hold; a flaming whip in his left and an ice sword on right. Each element is artificial. Age seventeen. He holds grudges, amusing, weird sense of humor, can be heartless and cruel on missions. Is of average height, has spiky gray hair, and icy-blue eyes.

Asher/Torrent= Aria-Dancingdolphins15: laser vision, super-strength, reads minds, age seventeen, airhead, smart, flirty; blond hair, green eyes, strong build, handsome.

Deziree= WingsEternal: Controls animals and shadows and can create illusions from them to do damage, age fourteen, quick-tempered, prone to acts of violence, perfectionist, extremely smart, sore-loser; short height, short brown hair with blonde highlights, one eye is blue while the other is hazel.

Jenna= TheCatOwl: Supposedly a young genius girl who creates most of the tech the Alter Knights use, claimed to be a "good kid" by Stella. (The rest will be revealed and continued later on)

Nia= TheGoldenHeartedGirl329 (anonymous): A young girl who does most of the cooking for the team (To be continued later on)

Specter= me: Mysterious founder of the Alter Knights respected by all of the members (except Dani and Shadow who are still suspicious; the rest will be continued later on)

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