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Hello readers! + My name is FarFalla Songo. Of course that’s a pen name. Nobodies name is THAT pretty. + Oh, stop being so conceited. + Yes I am multiple people. (the enter and bold doesn't work. Why is beyond us. So the plus signify s a change of person.) I of course care what my readers think unlike some people. + I care, and I don’t want to be portrayed like a conceited git (git?) (yes git!) (nobody knows what that means!) unlike you who is a conceited git (again with the git!) who doesn’t even know red from purple and stop criticizing my soda can! + Oh shut up already! And stop hogging the darn computer, I want to type. You can’t sing and type at the same time and you’re taking forever! + I can! She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts she’s cheer captain and I’m in the bleachers—wait. Sorry that was the song. Grr. You’re right, but I’m not going to let you type for me. So just leave me alone! + It would be soooooooooooooooo much easier! But fine… let’s just move on and what in the world are you reciting!? + The months in Latin. Honestly, if you expect me to listen to music and not sing you belong in a mental institute. Well, even more then you do now. No! I shall not stop singing!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME STOP!!!!!!!!!! + I will cut off your tongue again missy! And how many times do I have to remind you that I don’t want to talk about my stint (Stint?) (yes stint!) (what does that even mean?) at… oh! Red vine… I am happy :-) + oh my, my, my. So that’s what you were doing. I thought you were having a heart attack or something. + Wow… I’m so glad that we’ve know each other long enough that you DON’T GET ME AT ALL! + It’s not that! I get you, I was just hoping that you were having a heart attack or something. + Oh well in that case it’s still NOT OKAY! + (*momentarily interrupted by a number one fan*) + …*stop laughing and catch breath* my dad knocked on my door and was holding a fan. Then said, “My number one fan.” And walked away. Yes, yes it is. + Let not break the laptop. Remember we hand things, not throw them. Our readers are probably sooooooooooo lost right now. + But you looked funny. Yes. But still lost. + It’s only a revolution if you win. (hey I said that!)We should join another countries militia for fun. And wow, way to make my hands self esteem go way up. And yes, I do hate you (not you readers, the moron in front of me.) + I’m so glad were friends. Who else would be my conscience after all? The you hating me part is just another plus. + ;ldk;asldkff;’dksf’;adskf;adklf;lsdkjf;asdflk’;adskfsdkf;aslldkf;sdlkf;asdlkf;asdkfldk;lfdofjdoghmfgmkbgkl5tg5. Stupid wretched girl…boy…what are you?! (unisex! Were unisex FarFalla. When will you learn?) (Never! You can’t make me learn!) Anyway for the record I did not say the random letters and stuff above. Someone doesn’t take lightly to not being able to type for me. + I think it’s time this letter comes to an end. Please feel free to eamil us at blackberryhippie@gmail.com + Sincerely, FarFalla Songo + Why do you get the last word! I want the last word! + Hehehe I win...
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