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I love the Gorillaz, playing the drums (esp. at 2 in the morning...), Reading Sott pilgrim and saying s'alright. I HATE words that are spelt the same way! like live and live! I have a Habit of getting really far in video games (lets take the legend of zelda on the SNES for example) and then getting angry, throwing the controller and accidently hitting the reset button...don't suggest you ever play video games with me. I like to stomp around in Doc Martins, watch the company of wolves and pretending I understand Japanese! I have my own super duper comic book called the epic tales of Ramona and I all so have a story called cereal box hero...don't read it, its dreadful I wrote it in Year 7, I even won the short story contest!I was questioning the judges IQ for a few months...Im in a band called loudly annoyed, I think its called that cause Im ALWAYS annoyed at something...

my hobbies are definatly things like: Writing (duh...), Wearing Jackets, Watching operation Repo(FUNNY!), Drawing and Jumping around in puddles in Chuck taylors (Probably why I go through so many pairs...)

my friend and I have a blog called We are Bea and Emily hear us roar...

and my favorite writter ever is quite definatly G.P Taylor!

I have started a new story called The adventures of a girl with an occupied mind for National Novel Writing Month, here is the blurb:

Any normal kid would complain if asked to walk to the shops to buy their mother a carton of Milk, but not for Ramona, especially if that means climbing mountains, fighting dragons and barganing with the old witch holding the princess (or milk in this case) prisoner.
Taking a walk, uh-huh more like fighting evil plants that try to rip at your clothes and pull you into the dark with a wooden sword. Cleaning your room, your still not getting this, you may as well be trying to escape from Rupert Murdoch in complete stealth.
So what next? Meh, you tell me.

Every weekend I skip myself down to Minotaur to get the latest Buffys and Tank girls. Comics rule my life.

I also like to run around with my best friend joel listen to Blur and pretend we are indians (not like the country that would be weird). Did I mention I also Love Blur? well I do...Esp. Alex James and Damon Albarn...*sigh*

well I better go, K-on is about to start and I refuse to miss is it!

Ta ta!

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