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I brought you something,
close to me.
You haunt my dreams.
There's nothing to do but,

Being careless is not my intention, but I'm guessing that it's seeking me out. I accidentaly erased my files of stories, including the finished seventh chapter of Tsuki no le. To put it lightly, I poured my entire soul into that chapter, you would be amazed; I say it with out shame. Sadly, I have decided ,for the time being, not to continue Tsuki no le or begin another story that involves numerous chapters. For now, I will only write one-shots. Tsuki no le and Bella Vie will not remain neglected forever; but, I'm advising to all who are reading this that those two fics will remain on Hiatus for now. I really feel guilty for those who expected more from me, and I'm sorry.


Belle Vie ~ *Summary* CCS story. The coupling - S&S and maybe another one, which I can't say.(Remember this is an A/U story, which means no magic, no Cerberus, and some things will change from the normal CCS plot.) Sakura’s mother, Nadeshiko, and her father, Fujitaka, argue constantly which normally brings Sakura to tears and causing her to run away to a secretive place she holds dear to her heart, and you’ll find out why in the story. She later encounters a young boy of the age 16 (Sakura’s 15), who teases her relentlessly, but he does not know that her parent’s fighting causes her pain. They later form a bond, but things become more complicated. ~

Tsuki no le ~ Sakura and the others going through High School, easy? Not really. Their lives become more complicated with incredulous problems by the day. ~



My whole world ~ (Title may change later.) As usual, a CCS fic. Syaoran's take on his newly-wed wife, Sakura. May be short and sweet, or long and fluffy. Depending on my mood n_n. ~

Study Buddy ~ XD A CCS fic with a kink and a twist. Sakura is having trouble with her Algebra. Syaoran is willing to lend a hand by studying with her at his apartment. But, what happens when innocent studying takes an unsuspecting twist to being bothered, hotly. What ever will they do to relieve the tension? Hazard a guess. It's not what you may think. ~


None for now.

I hope you take the news well. School is beginning soon for me, but this time I'll be a responsible writer and actually write.


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