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Hola! Yo so LasMeninas1104 y me gusta escribir mucho! Now allow me to say the rest in English. Oh by the way, a fun fact about my name. Las Meninas is a famous Spanish painting by Diego Velazquez, and was painted during the Spanish Golden Age (I'm not a painter, this is just one of my favorite paintings and I have a lot of excess Spanish pride). In case you haven't figured out, I'm Spanish. My nationalities are Dominican, Spaniard, Peurto Rican, Costa Rican, a smidge of African American, and I have some Tiano in me (fun fact-Tianos were the natives of the West Indies before Columbus came).

Favorite generes:

Young Adult (anything dealing with teen issues)

Fanatasy (one of my favorite generes!)



Historical (runner-up to fanatasy)

Since I have a successful story on FanFiction, it will take me some time to update stories on here, but in all honesty I like this website more ;)