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I'm just a girl who wants to be an author when I grow up. Nothing special.

I absolutely LOVE fantasy writing. Anything is possible, literally anything. Right now I'm in the middle of writing a story titled Earth. It's the first book in a series of four that will called The Elemental Series. They're all about how...WAIIIIT a minute. If I tell you this here you won't have the pleasure of reading my stories yourself.

If all goes well I'd like to publish these are books I'd like to publish one day so I' testing them out on you guys. That said I am more then open to criticism so if there's ever anything that you have to say about my stories please, feel free to express yourself. I won't get made, I promise. Also, please don't just say 'Good Chapter' in your reviews. That's not helpful to me. And if you have stories you know that those sort of reviews are irritating too.

I found out about this site through FanFiction.net. I've got three stories there under the same name.

Well, I guess that's it. Later :)