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Hey thanks for reading my profile!! My name is Toria. I am a supernatural writer but I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit and try different stuff. I started writing the beginning of my Freshman year in highschool and haven't stopped since. Writing is the way I express myself and I love it!!

I've always had this weird facination with Greek Mythology. After a whole bunch of greek projects I finally formed a story (which is posted, Revenge). It was an extended story of Persephone and Hades, unfortunately it fell out and I discontinued it, but I'm in the middle of the rewrite. Then I got into Vampire's, Werewolves... you know the stuff teenage girls just seem to LOVE (I had never read the Twilight Saga until Breaking Dawn:Part 1 came out), that's were Bitten came from. I know I give really vague summaries of my books so if you look below there are some more detailed summaries. But no spoilers of course!!

(In Progress)

Bitten was my first really successful book idea. I was so excited after the first two chapters I sent it to a friend of my mom's (who is a romance author, Marliss Melton) to look it over and see if it was publish material. She loved the story and gave me good pointers. So anywayss here's a better description of what's going on in the book. (This is the rewrite I'm currently working on, hope you like it!)

Summary: Haven has lived a normal teenage life. Her dad is her only parent, but other than that she is like any other everyday teenager in the middle of her Senior year. She does normal stuff like go camping with her father every month, but this month is different. The wolves get too close. And this time they attack. She watches her father die and after realizing she's bitten passes out. She wakes up to two strange faces, one she recognizes from the night before. Then she's told she is now a Werewolf and has to join this mysterious guy's pack. The pack is pretty welcoming, but the alpha is wary. He knows something about Haven but isn't sharing anything, and it seems Tye, the mysterious Werewolf is in on the secret. When she meets Nathan, an alluring Vampire who brings a whole other side out of her the truth unfolds and nobody is safe.

(In Progress)

Dragon Hunter was inspired by one of my ex-boyfriends. I know sort-of sad writing a story for your boyfriend, but when he told me if he could be any mythical creature he would be a dragon I couldn't resist. This is definitely a romance to die for. (Working on some hard core editing. Not sure if anything will change, but if you see an update, but you don't notice anything different, it's probably grammar fixes and the like.)

Summary: Kaiya was only 12 years old when her family was murdered by a dragon. Since then she has trained to kill the feral creatures. She was the best in the whole of the Dragon Hunters Academy. That is, until she met Ashton, the general of the Dragon army. With out really knowing why she agrees to meeting with him. Soon the meetings become part of her daily routine. It's obvious after just a week of the meetings they were falling hard for each other. But a secret is revealed that Ashton had failed to mention to Kaiya during their meetings that could ruin everything and save the world.

(In Progress)

Arch Angel was a story I conjured up on the way back from my Christmas vacation. It was really quick and only took two days to start. I recently rewrote it for a creative writing class and everybody loved it, so check it out, because it is much better. A chapter will be worked on, but warning, it will probably be a slow process because of my bigger stories.

Summary: Angela Wood is one of the rare angels that was born into the Arch. She was trained since her birth to kill demons. Once she proved she was ready for the field no demon could get past her, she was the Arch's strongest weapon. Then they sent her on a very difficult mission, to kill the Demon King. Not Lucifer himself but his direct offspring, Constantine Jordan. Angela's usual tactic is to use someone to get into the demon's life. This time she found the demon's nephew and lucky her he's young and not too bad looking. What she didn't know was that she was subconsciously falling for the demon nephew, Lucas, who had already fallen for her. Are demons really sentenced to an eternity of Hell, or is there a light in the never ending darkness?

(In Progress)

Revenge is my mythology story about Hades and Persephone. It all started with an English and history project on the Goddess. After that I became obsessed enough to start a story. Before I give too much away, the summary...

Summary: Kaitlyn is the girl everyone wants to be or be with, but she is untouchable, except of course by her friends. What makes her so coveted is her lineage; she is a Goddess. The Goddess of life. Her father Hades, did not know of her until she had reached the age of six on earth where her mother, Persephone, hid her. Ever since he has been hunting her. Eleven, almost twelve, years later he is getting hot on her trail. Even though her father worries for the worst, Kate knows she can't run forever. She's finally maturing into her abilities and her training has served her well. She is ready to face him. And her father, Hades, knows it.

(In Progress)

The Ring was a short story that I did not plan on continuing because it was just an assignment in the first place. But so many people liked it (not just on this sight) that I decided it had some potential as a few part short story. So please, enjoy.

Summary: Tara thought she was just an everyday woman, working a dream job, deeply in love, and planning a marriage. But then Skylar shows up and Tara remembers who she really is. A Demigoddess in the middle of a war between the heavens and the underworld. Abaddon, The Demon King, has succeeded for the third and last time to brain wash her into loving him and he was going to pay for it in the worst ways. If only he could see the army that was coming for him.

(Possibly In Progress)

The Virus was my final exam for my creative writing class. I was having a really hard time starting my final exam so I was listening to the radio and a new song came on, "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. I'm still in love with the song to this day, and the first few versus gave me a great idea of a post-apocalyptic story. Thus zombies came to mind, but not just any zombies, Croatoans. (I had to switch it up a bit with all the popularity of the 'z' word)

Summary: Waking up to a strange man, little memories, and a strange forest doesn't exactly spell a good day. That's how Hannah feels until she remembers the most important thing. He is no ordinary man, he is her secret lover. Secret only because they aren't really allowed to love each other because of their line of work. CIA. They were the ones to release the virus, and they are determined to stop it, even if the cure isn't 100% effective.

(Coming Soon Possibly)

While They're Gone is a story that I brainstormed after daydreaming on my way home from work one day. I asked myself, very randomly, what would happen if there was a flash of light and all of a sudden everyone was gone but me? Well I went home thought about it, expanded it, and ta-da! A new story. Hope it sounds interesting. If I post it I have no idea when it'll be up because I'm working on my bigger stories right now.

Summary: In a world parallel to ours there is a society that does not know real freedom. It's year 2024 and our world is totally oblivious to Empire, who is very similar to us. The only big difference, they have an oligarchy called Imperium. Recently an anti-Imperium group called Program Mana surfaced, with strength, in what is our North America but their Meina. To silence this possible threat, Imperium uses a dangerous chemical weapon bomb that wipes out all of Meina! But Program Mana was prepared and they had an anecdote already in place. They injected their leaders children and the head military officer, and head leader of Program Mana, Captain Ang, with the anecdote. Four teenagers, Melissa, Derrik, Sam, and Kacee, survived the flash and go on a search for life with their supposedly normal pets, who surprisingly survived as well. They run into Captain Ang and he begins to prepare them for the fight to come. Imperium's leader, Rex Kogan has one goal and Program Mana is standing in his way. Rex Kogan will stop at nothing to take full control of not only Empire, but Earth as well.

Thanks to all of you who have given feedback and have enjoyed my stories. I update as much as I possibly can so have patience if it takes a long time for me to post. Any questions about anything please feel free to message me. Thanks again!!

Happy Reading!

Toria Danielle

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