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Hallo! 8D Looks like you've found my writing page!

I hope this is a good thing. Here I will include my current works, perhaps accompanied by my past works which I do not intend to complete.

All I ask is that you leave a review and do not "steal" my writing. I'm as pressed for time as a teenage hermit can be, and I don't like my valuable time, efforts, ideas, and more importantly, words being stolen and put under another name. All works are original and belong to me. Those who steal them will be exposed to the Bear Jew.

You have been warned. ;P



OI'm fourteen. :P

OI am ALWAYS willing to help a fellow writer! :D Regardless of our personal feelings for each other (if we 've even ever met before), I will always help you if you have a question or great dilemma! I love to hear what others' inner words sound like. No matter the nature of the fiction, you can always gather a lot about a person through their language. I cherish the opportunity to get to see into these words and to help to make them clearer and more vivid (or the opposite, depending on the situation). So, let me know if I may be of any assistance. I also review each time I read, and I am never cruel OR completely tactful. I just try to constructively get my opinions across in a proffessional and objective manner. :) I do not pride myself in hurting feelings. I rarely attempt to do so. ;)

O I LOVE the Slender Man, Silent Hill, Pink Floyd, Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit), Heavy Rain, Edgar Allen Poe, Margaret Atwood, RAY BRADBURY OMG, George Orwell, Roger Waters, and Rammstein. 83

OI'm from SWLA (Southwest Louisiana). :P

OI'm a girl! xD

MY MOTTO: Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?

REAL NAME: Ashlyn Samantha Hibbs ;)


HAIR COLOR: Blond (fake :P)

FAVORITE COLORS: Green, pink, blue, rainbow :P

SKIN TONE: "Ivory" according to Cover Girl lol

ZODIAC: Pisces


LANGUAGES: Native of English, Novice of German ;D

FAVORITE HOLIDAY: Halloween, closely followed by Christmas (I may be Atheist, but I'm not snobbish. :3 I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next American. I admire its themes of caring, sharing, and all that stuff. 8D)


I really do love you. 83

Danke, meine leibe! Auf wiedersehen!

Come again! 8D

And leave a review! Remember: Positive comments are good, but negative ones are even better! :P

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