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Hello my name is Jennifer e Parks and i love to write my own stories, i hope everyone enjoys what i write and is willing to leave constructive criticism if need be.

Most of the genres i will be writing under at the moment will be: Young adult, drama, Fantasy, erotica and romance.

I have been reading since i was a little girl, i have read all sorts of books, like historical books, drama books, young adult/teen fiction and romantic. My favourite authors at the moment are JK Rowling, jane eusten, charles dickens, hans christian andersen, william shakespeare and Phillipa Gregory.

PS: Please. I do try to proofread as much as possible but i'am still a beginner at story writing :(

Another kind of marriage - No they are not siblings! and nobody has been forced into this marriage

30/7/12: I might make changes to some chapters to improve on them a bit, so keep checking back now and again

09/12/2014 - I will be going on a mini break with my stories, thanks to all of my followers for being patient, will be back soon

22/03/2017 - Re-starting work on "The arrangement" defo have some new ideas for it

26/05/2017 - taking a break from "100 stories of the erotic..." mostly concentrating on reviewing a few favorite books

20/10/2017 - I'am cutting out a few of my erotic stories from "100" the whole thing needs a bit of a touch up. From my other fan list, i will be considering appeals against my decision as well.

20/10/2017 - Deleting "Affinity" from this site. Might continue with the story, but i think its come to its end. I thought the sci-fi genre would suit me, but i've decided against it

10/2/18 - had to delete one story entry because the name got confused with a place in Russia, my bad, really didn't know :'0

10/2/18 I've been asked and all my stories are imaginative fiction and I'm not a Mary sue writer at all. All works, like this website says, is a work of fiction.

14/2/2017 - I'am not going to follow horror stories, so any followers whose profiles look weird will get blocked asap, but other authors can add x

10/3/2018 - please note all of my stories are rated M for mature. There are stress warnings of an adult nature, attached at all times.

10/3/2018 taking another break from my writing. Be back soon x

17/12/2018: Hello followers, I am taking a break from writing again, I've got writer's block i'm so sorry. But i'm starting a book club on here and I wish to support and promote other writers and poets on here. So I will be shouting out other works just until my writing mojo is back. Also, I am looking to raise some money to upkeep my blog and for a charity of my choice. So donations towards this, I would be grateful for. For more information please inbox me. Please only give what you can as there will be no refunds!.

My favourite ebook atm is "Her perfect rebound" by TaintedRadiance (all one word) check out her story on wattpad. Keep tuned for more of my picks here on fictionpress too. Also follow if you like my suggestions, leave constructive criticism and like and follow the authors I suggest. Every little thing helps

Questions for the author

1. Who is your favourite author, the one who you would, without fail, must read without fail

A: I don't have a favourite author, I have authors I admire from their writing style and the stories that they make. To be honest though I really have always liked william shakespeare and Charles dickens. Both authors have created stories that have stood the test of time, people can still even relate to their works even though they wrote their stories at certain times.

2. Paper or plastic?

A: paper

3. Music or lyrics?

A: lyrics because I personally like a song from its lyrics. I cannot just listen to noise, unless I know the meanings behind it.

4. What subjects do you find difficult writing about? And why

A:Anything romantic because romantic stories are competitive in nature to create, i always get writers block when writing them. I'am not a romantic person anyway unless you like straight forward, direct and simple words and actions in relationships. You always have to be hesitant when doing romantic stuff I find, I'am not that sort of person. That's why I do erotica and I hope to branch out into action, call it my alter ego if you want.

5. What form or style of writing can you not stand and why?

A: I don't like poetry unless it's to do with songwriting. I prefer reading a book then a poem, even a book of poetry I can't stand. Poems can't grab my attention.

6. What subjects do you find that you cannot write about?

A. Anything too violent, gross and inappropriate to society. I only go taboo to debate an idea. In that case you either like it or not :0 but those moments I do so rarely. (100 stories of the erotic). If I don't like an idea I'll just start again from scratch.

7. Do you have any techniques to help you recover from writers block

A. Sometimes just music helps

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