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Rant 30 July 2002
Have written a HP/DM ficlet in honour of Harry's 22nd birthday (tomorrow). Can't post it because the document manager is down. Shall have it up tomorrow if at all possible.

Update later 18 July 2002
New chapter of "Miss Neal and..." posted.

Update 18 July 2002
Blackish Pink is in the process of going back online as we speak. Everything You Want is going to take slightly longer, because I lost its index page and need to hunt down its RareSlash ring ID and related info. There's a new chapter of "Miss Neal and..." ready for posting; give me a couple of hours.

Update 17 July 2002
It's good to be back! There are a lot of changes in the works for me. First, and most importantly, I have a job now - I work full-time. This means "Dream" won't be updated probably until September. I have chapter 3 about 1/3 written. It also, however, means that I'm going to get the ad-free account at 0catch, so BP will be back up around the same time (September) with a new layout, and EYW will just be back online. Another important note is that, as of last December, I'm not at MSU anymore. I'm at Ferris State University.

Update 8 March 2002
Have just uploade Chapter 2 of "Dream". Am currently in the process of setting up the 'ship site - will be done by 1pm eastern. That site again is http:///harlan/radu.

Update 3 March 2002

didn't eat the sites; it went bankrupt. Due to some hasty ftping, I managed to bring them back - both of them. The H/R 'ship site is under the Blackish Pink mantle now; it's easier that way. However, said 'ship site won't be up - not even a beta version - until I get the next chapter of "Dream" out, which should be by the end of the week. I've been Inspired by Sarah McLachlan.

Update 15 January 2002

has eaten my sites - both Blackish Pink and the fledgling H/R 'ship site. This is because it has merged with or been bought by some stupid company, the name of which you can see if you go to the site. (I didn't stick around long enough to memorise it.) Not only has it eaten my sites, it has eaten the sites of everyone I know or whom I'd bookmarked who was hosted there. Please boycott and this new owner company, whatever it's called. They are a bunch of shite bastards.

I am currently seeking hosting at and will keep you posted as to further developments.

Update 9 December 2001

"Unless You Dream of Me" promises to be my best work to date. I consider it my magnum opus. I'm extremely happy with the prologue, and I hope you will be too.

Oh, and! I'm now Captain of the Good 'Ship Harlan/Radu. When I have time (read: over winter break), I plan to make a 'Ship's Website. Anyone wishing a position on the 'ship should email me. ^_^

I'm a 19-year-old sophomore at Michigan State University. Work is paused on "I Solemnly . . . Map", as I've got a bit of Block and have to rethink the fic's entire pacing. However, I've become the Severus/Neville Ship's Cook, so I'm doing a bit of something in that pairing right now. Also, I've finally got a bit of a start on the Lilith Davis Chronicles, which are probably something of a Mary Sue - Lil is my HP RPG character, and the Chronicles are an attempt to give her a story and a past. As the RPG in question almost never updates and none of my housemates are ever around, I haven't got permission to use any of them in the fic, so I've created a few original characters besides Lil, just to flesh Slytherin out a bit.

I've also got an ezboard, the Snakepit:


It's for Slyth fans one and all. Nobody ever posts. Please check it out!

All my Gundam fic is GW. I'm not really in that fandom anymore, so I do not guarantee that anything looking unfinished will ever be finished. Sorry about that.

Another Untitled Work reviews
Steph's down about something, and Marie doesn't even notice...
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