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Well hey there! Looks like you've come to the right place for some pretty interesting fiction, my friend.

Name's Sabrina, but you can call be Sabrine. Or Yam. Or Sab(s). Choose wisely.

Clearly, I'm a writer, at least in my opinion, but I'm plenty of other things too.

I'd say I'm a reader, a laugher, a dreamer, a tumblr, a procrastinator, a lover, a fighter, an imperfectionist, a liver, and a fantasizer.

But of course, those are mostly my terms. I'm sure my friends would add in tons of words, ranging from 'abusive friend' (Don't judge me, I'm a very physical being. Italian, hands, all that jazz) to 'spaztic' (I have lots of those moments, mind.)

If I had to pick 3 favorite things (excluding family and friends, people in general, just things here) I'd pick: Harry Potter, my computer, and my imagination. I'd say writing, but well, my imagination creates the writing, does it not?

Now, if I had to pick 3 favorite living things, I'd just have to say: My family, however cheesy, my friends, still cheesy but whatever, and narwhals. Who doesn't love the unicorn of the sea?

Since I'm a writer, I suppose I should tell you like... something about writing or reading or about my writing/reading.

So um. Let's do that. Yea? Yea. Okay.

~Reading Wise~

Favorite Books:

-Harry Potter

-Hunger Games

-Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

-Mysterious Benedict Society


-Septimus Heap

Favorite pairings/people to read fanfics about/anything of that nature/call it what you want:

-James and Lily Potter (OTP of all the OTPS)

-Teddy Lupin (And Victorie I suppose, but I just like him really)

-Jenna and Beetle (Don't tell me they aren't cute.)

- 10/Rose


-Rory/Amy (it conflicts but Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are secretly married so.)

-Finnick and Annie (my next OTP because they are amazing and Finnick is flawless)

-Gale Hawthorne (And Madge I suppose, but I just like him too really)

-Sirius Black (Oh and by the way, don't think I mentioned it but it's important so it gets bolded... He's my husband so get your paws off. No touching the flawless black dog, got it? Fantastic )

~Writing Wise~

Um. How I come up with plots?

-Through movies and books (not that I steal the main plot, but like... something little happens and I go OH THAT WOULD BE GOOD HERE or something. Does that makes sense? Hm, I don't know how else... Well okay, so example time. Going to sound really bad, but, here we go. Say in a movie, there's like the huge plot about... about saving the world from aliens, kay? And in the background, or whatever, there's this guy that's like TOTALLY non-important, and he's all bad and tattoos (NOT that tattoos are bad, but let's not get into it) and stuff, and then there's the really shy, quiet, chick. From that SMALL UNIMPORTANT DETAIL, I shall write a story. So, does that make sense? Still no? Cool. Moving on.)


-Other fics/stories (see note for movies/books)

-Random events in my daily life



-I don't know.

Why I write

-It helps me get out my emotions

-I believe it shows my true colors, as usually the main character girl, if I make her up (as opposed to a fanfic) is usually based off some part of me. [Fun fact about Sabrina, woot.]

-I don't have to hole up my ideas/thoughts/dreams in my head

-My dreams don't always go to waste [Though sometimes they're pretty interesting and not even worth describing so]

Kay I think I've held you here long enough. Back to your knitting.

Teach Me Something Not in the Books reviews
It's wrong, I know it is. But I can't help myself. He's perfect for me, and I don't care what people would say, or would I? I've never done something like this, but the way he moves, and talks, and laughs, and... teaches? First fic! R&R please?
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,431 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 4/12/2012 - Published: 12/7/2011