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Room 587 is a collaborative writing project, created by three friends, who found one another on We had all read and enjoyed each other's work, all shared common interests, and not long after we began editing for one another, did the idea come about to create our characters, and our own worlds.

We all share a penchant for tragedy (Some of us more than others), and for characters that are real and relatable.

Room 587 is:

-jm1681 -

jm is a complete and total basketcase. He has severe issues when it comes to writing, and is prone to black depression as a result. However, he's pretty easy to get along with (When the depression isn't killing him), and on occasion, has some nifty ideas ^_^ Oh, he also has a HORRIBLE penchant for smilies and other manner of internet facial expressions, as to properly convey his attitude and tone while conversing in messages ;) jm is a manga/anime fan, auto enthusiast, and guitar player for a local music act. His basketcaseness carries over into every facet of his life, and makes him more than a bit complex, as well as irritating at times. However, we assure you, he's pretty harmless ;)

-MarshalZhukov -

MarshalZhukov is an American (sadly) of Russian and German decent (work that out). The Marshal likes reading books of any kind and is an avid anime and manga fan. The Marshal is a huge history and military otaku and takes great pains to ensure that anything written relating to the military and/or history is as accurate as possible. The Marshal is rather stuffy about that sort of thing, you know. The Marshal is also a rather private person who does not like to discuss personal matters. The Marshal is competent in English (and makes a living writing technical papers), has a basic grasp of Japanese, German, Spanish and is learning Russian and Korean (for sh!ts and giggles)The Marshal also acts as the group cheerleader of sorts, especially when jm decides his smilies are not enough and becomes the basket-case he likes to pretend he is :)

-Draco38 -

At 50+ Draco38 is the ‘old man’ of the group. After many life experiences as a mechanic, tow-truck driver, salesman, and owner of several businesses, he finally settled into computers. The first computer he programed on was a Univac main frame with punch cards. This led over the years to now driving a high speed 3D CADD system for designing highways. As a long time game master for D&D, Twilight 2000, Ace’s & Eights and Hackmaster, he loves the story telling concept which led him to falling in with these two young whipper snappers. Like the Marshal, he is a history and military otaku who also loves the thump of a Harley, the rumble of a big-block Dodge and the roar of a .45 cal. anything. With a house full of manga, anime, movies, books and games he is looking forward to retirement where he can relax and just enjoy life and friends.

Rebuild or Love in the Nevada Desert reviews
A young man finds an almost dead woman in a desert junkyard. A tragedy, by three authors.
Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 19,249 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 8/17/2013 - Published: 7/3/2012