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Hello FictionPress! I'm baaaaaaack! Hi, I'm Lynn (Going by my middle name, since I'd rather not give out my first name online.). I used to frequent here, but then between school, FanFiction and other things, I kinda forgot about this website. Well, I'm back now and I hope to be more active here. :) You're probably here to read my stories, not hear me blab about myself, but I'm gonna talk anyway.

So Let's see, basic information:

Name: Going by Lynn.

Age: The age of 99.999% of female protagonists in YA novels.

Star Sign: Gemini Twins. (Yes, I do talk a lot.)

Sex: Female

Gender: Also female. (Yes, gender and sex are two different things.)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, astrology, watching TV, drawing, astronomy, reading tarot cards, playing guitar, theatre/acting, and occasionally cosplay. (mostly closet cosplay, since I'm a broke teenager, but recently I did a Karkat cosplay that was pretty good.)

Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling; Anything written by Stephen King (Particularly Pet Semetery, Cujo, and The Shining.); Ask the Passengers by A.S. King; A Song of Ice and Fire (Better known as Game of Thrones) by George R.R. Martin; Define Normal, Luna and Keeping You a Secret by Julie Ann Peters, and Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Favorite Anime/Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist (Anime and Manga); Ouran High School Host Club (Just the anime, I can't find the manga. :/); Naruto (Making my way through both) Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler (Working on getting the manga, seen the anime); Pandora Hearts (halfway through the manga); Soul Eater (Can't find the manga); and Sword Art Online (I didn't really like S2 though.)

Favorite Shows: Supernatural (Destiel!), Doctor Who (Don't skip Nine!), BBC's Sherlock (Johnlock!!), Orange is the New Black, and Game of Thrones.

Favorite Plays/Musicals: Les Miz, Beauty & the Beast (My school did it freshman year, so it has a special place in my heart.), Footloose (sophomore year, still special), and Gypsy.

Favorite Video Games: Assassin's Creed (Although I wish they'd make a playable female assassin already, you know, now that they're giving their MC's different faces. (Desmond, Ezio and Altaïr had the exact same face, down to the mouth scar.) And I like Altaïr better than Ezio, but Ezio's still pretty cool.); The Legend of Zelda; anything Pokemon (although I'm partial to Pearl, since it was my first.); and World of Warcraft.

Favorite Book Genera: Just about anything really, although I have a slight preference for: Supernatural/paranormal (ghosts. werewolves, witches, vampires, zombies, et cetera); Adventure stories; and occasionally romance (because sometimes you need to curl up with a sappy romance.)

Miscellaneous Favorites: Homestuck (web comic)

Well, that's really all you need to know about me! Hope you enjoy my writing. If you want to be friends, feel free to message me. I don't bite! (Usually. lol)

Also, I have an account on FanFiction, my pen name there is "Mindnight Ink," (Was going to be "Midnight" but I didn't notice the typo and now it's taken. :/

NOTICE: Because I'm slightly paranoid/protective of most of my stories, not all of them will go on here completely. Some may only end up with a few chapters, others may only have half the story. This is for my personal comfort, since you never know who's willing to steal something. Whether it's just the plot, or everything down to the characters. (I know the latter is unlikely, but I'd still feel better not having the whole thing up.)

My Stories:

Sounds--(Originally a One-shot for a contest that is being totally re-vamped.) Fifteen year old Natalie Parker has a power--or curse, as she prefers to call it. She can hear the spirits of the dead. Ever since she was little all she's wanted is for the dead to stop talking to her. They're dead, it's not like she can help them. Or can she? When she stumbles upon the ghost of a girl murdered in her house, she's forced to face to true strength of her power and that of those in the afterlife, before everything for Nat falls to ruin.

I Won't Die--(NaNo 2012, being heavily edited. Should be posted soon.) One day, everything was normal. The next, Alex is braving the zombie apocalypse. For Alex, her new friend, Cole, and several others, their school becomes a safe-house. After a few days the undead get in, and suddenly they're left alone to fend for themselves. After hearing rumors of another safe-house and possibly a cure, Alex and her small force set out to travel miles through desolate and zombie-filled cities and countryside. Will they reach safety? Or fall to the horde?

Sounds (Original)--Very shitty one-shot I wrote in 2012, has been re-vamped and expanded.

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Sounds reviews
Fifteen year old Nat Parker has a power-or curse, as she prefers to call it. She can hear the spirits of the dead. When she stumbles upon the ghost of a girl murdered in her house, she's forced to face to true strength of her power and that of those in the afterlife, before everything for her falls to ruins (Full summary on my profile. Originally a one-shot, has been re-vamped)
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A short story about a girl who can see and hear the dead. (A one-shot I wrote forever ago for a contest. Has been re-vamped an expanded as a story under the same name.)
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