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My name is Crystal; I am a 16 year old hobby writer/artist. I live in a hole somewhere in Australia, the type of hole which is either to hot or too cold and no matter what will always be my home.

Yes that is me in the picture. I guess the biggest thing you should know about me is that I do not think much of myself, I am not happy with my looks, I always think I could be a better person and that I should try harder to be good at what I do but things just don’t change for me. And before anyone assumes I HAVE cut before and I can say it and know that I is wrong, I have tried stop and I will keep trying but until a time where cutting is no longer my escape I will keep pumping out stories in hope of finding a release.

I have tanned skin, not because I use fake-tans or spend hours in the sun but because I am half Filipino, I am not ashamed of my nationality, I am proud to say I am different to most the people in my school. Apart from my short hair I have dark eyes (Which apparently have been getting lighter lately). I am short (About 150cm's last time I measured) and I most certainly am not skinny, I have weight on me yes, and I don't care that I am not some skinny, I look good exactly how I am and if you don't like my looks than please move along. (If you WOULD like to see what I look like there are a few pictures of me on my DeviantArt account)

I am relatively simple, I’m fairly anti-social and prefer just to stick with my few friends but I am always happy to make a new friend online. Just recently I shaved my hair for charity, my once ass-length (Excuse the choice word) hair is now shorter than most the guys I know, but according to most it suits me and no matter how weird it feels I know what I did was right. I may have given someone another chance at life.

At times I can be somewhat crazy, I enjoy life and try live it to its fullest (When I’m not being lazy on my bed) to my friends I am literally the crazy midget, when I get 'high' (As well call it) I will say some of the weirdest things you will ever hear and I literally will not stop jumping up and down.

I am deeply in love my boyfriend and I am proud to say I have a boyfriend like Jake, he is the reason I can write what I do, without my undying love for him I would never have the inspiration I have for my stories.

I don't write if it feels wrong, everything I write come from my heart and soul and they will always have some kind of truth in them. From me wishing the world to go up in flame to me killing myself for the sake of the one I love, there is always a shred of truth there is you know where to look.

Give me the chance and I could write forever. I always have something running through my head and I am not scared to share my thoughts, even if some may not like it I write because it helps me. As a person grow.

I am somewhat abnormal but I guess in this day and age that cannot really be said. Because of my short hair I feel weird dressing 'girly' (Although I wasn't even that girly to begin with) so my main items of clothing include skinnie jeans (Black preferred but I have a multitude of colours to work with) skate shoes, fingerless skeleton gloves, studded cuffs, a hoodie that does a very good job of covering the fact I have breasts and my eyeliner which I will not leave the house without.

Unlike most girls these days I DISPISE of Justin Bieber, One Direction and their like, they are terrible singers and how they ever became famous is beyond me (I know many of you will probably hate me for that one but that is exactly how I feel so please no hating on me). I listen to BANDS, real bands that have guitars and drums and hot guys. I listen to bands like Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria, I have no shame in this and I am not scared to say I'm a girl who likes screamo; there are plenty of girls like me out there.
(Yes I know you probably think these guys look feminine but when your precious guys can play a guitar and sing like real men than I will consider listening to them)

I ADORE reviews and the joy I get whenever I see a new review, I just can't express it, it fills me with so much joy knowing someone has taken the time to read my stories and poems.

Most my stories and poems are written when I am sad, it’s my way of stopping me from cutting and usually it works fairly well. A lot of the time the reason I am upset is because I over react, my mind takes a simple situation and makes me believe the worse is going to happen. If you read my stories you will most likely notice most of them revolve around a lover... My Jake... He means the world to me and it seems when it comes to him I always over react and these stories are born but than a few days later he will remind me why he is my everything.

I also have a FanFiction and DeviantArt account both going by the username of Bear0504

I love reviews and they are what drive me to keep writing so please if you like or even dislike, a story/poem review and tell me exactly what you think.

Yes I know I say way too much but without these words how would you get to know me?

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