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In short: An author who may or may not drive you up the wall with her impossible stories. We'll see.

If that is not good enough for you: Continue on...

i n - f r o n t - o f - m e

Juice Box Chronicles - Ongoing. Goal is 50 chapters. STORY: Orange Dragon had it all when he had Juice Box. But then Lucky appeared and wanted her all to himself. Juice Box decides enough is enough and becomes human. This nonsensical piece includes pop culture references, bored and angry magical royalty figures, the lamp-shading and inversion of cliches, ponies doing the impossible, cloning, and blog worlds. Please note that this story is not supposed to be taken seriously, but rather, enjoyed for the impossibilities and mind blowing oddities that it possesses. Type: General Fiction.

Breaking the Clumsy Spell - Ongoing. No plans for the number of chapters planned, but I am intending to have different "endings" so to speak, so it will be separated into different stories at some point. I also intend to have a side-story collection for the different characters. STORY: Jenna is finally eighteen, and a fledgling alchemist in the sleepy town of St. Francis. Her only problem? Her clumsiness. Often, it lands her a great number of visits to the doctor

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Breaking the Clumsy Spell reviews
Jenna is now eighteen, new to the alchemy business, and a major klutz. Everything seems to be okay, until one accident that reveals the true nature of her clumsiness...
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