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If you like my stories, and want a glimpse into my crazy mind, follow my tumblr blog that is literally entirely dedicated to everything i've ever written and sometimes I go off on rants about crossovers and it's scary. Okay? Okay. My blog name is the same as my username here, so just look up "theundecisivethinker" and be prepared to be disturbed by what happens when I picture Keenan Concord and William Andrews having tea together. https:///blog/theundecisivethinker

Comets: To those of you that have read it and are awaiting a sequel...well, hate to let you down but I am seriously considering whether I want a sequel or not. When I first wrote it, it was supposed to be a one-shot book and I think I may keep it that way. But hey, who knows, I may end up writing a sequel after all. Here's a summary of it: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS O.o

Kali is a Comet, which pretty much means that she's like a human on steroids with the ability to control an element. Comets are hated by the general human population, but when Leeches, an alien race that wants to wipe out...the world, lands on earth, Kali and her friends are the only ones who can stop them. Even if it's at the cost of their own lives. There's romance in it (of course :p), action, and an adorably naive and awkward main character that will make you smile :).

Angels: Inspired by books like "Fallen" and "Hush Hush". Definitely a pleasure to write, and the sequel is done!! Third book in progress, and it'll be called Silverwings. Here's a summary of it: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Rashelle Malus's parents and sister were killed in a boat crash. Sadly, that means that she has to move out to the middle of Wyoming to live with her uncle and cousin. However, deer and wolves aren't the only things hiding in the forest behind her house. There are creatures there...strange boys with odd accents and black wings. If that weren't bad enough, Rashelle realizes that she isn't exactly...human, and that her blood is the one thing that could free Lucifer, the king of fallen angels. Romance, of course. Cute country boys, of course ;P.

Demons: Sequel to Angels. This book ends with many, many, MANY unanswered questions and they shall all be addressed in the sequel. Summary: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:

Rashelle has accepted her role as ruler of Nox, and amidst trying to lead a country of demons, and deal with her relationship with a soon-to-be-angel, as well as hellhound attacks on the city, she learns of another way to free Lucifer. Of course, she has to prevent that from ever happening, but some things are easier said than done...Romance. Heartbreak. More cute country boys :) And on overdose of hot fallen angels. Enjoy :)

Silver Wings (Angels #3) This is most likely going to be the last book in the series...:') It'll definitely be bittersweet for me when the first actual series that I've ever written ends... Summary: MAY CONTAIN SPOLIERS.

Rashelle died. Then came back. But she isn't the same, and her problem isn't exactly easy to fix. But Keenan has to try, because he can't lose her again, and he can't let her become one of the monsters that she tried so hard to protect him from.

This summary sucks.

What She Saw: I adore this book. I really do and, if you adore faeries and other Fae, then I suggest you check it out. :) Summary: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS:

Jezzamyn is in the Witness Protection Program. As a result, she moves around a lot, and finds herself in Swanville, Maine. It was supposed to be safe but after meeting a Seelie faerie, nearly being killed (multiplie times) by an Unseelie Prince, and being sent on a journey so dangerous that Oberon and Mab themselves couldn't do it, Jezzamyn wonders if the sleepy town in Maine was ever really safe. Of course, there's romance in this, and a certain very attractive, bad tempered, leather-wearing prince. What more could you want? Seriously?

Silver Shards: Sequel to What She Saw. I must say that I'm not crazy about it and...yea...hopefully I'll get more into it once I start writing more of it. SHould be up here soon. :p

Darkling: So, like, if you turned the Hunger Games into a vampire book, and set it seventy years in the'd get this. Seriously though, if you loved the hunger games, and love vampires that DON'T sparkle and DO kill, this book is for you :) Summary: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Indigo Jones is a dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) and she's been trained to kill. And she's damn good at it, too. When she, along with her graduating class, are shipped off to the middle of nowhere for the summer, they're given one simple rule. Kill, or be killed. The next three months will be spent in a frenzy of murder, broken hearts, cruel vampires, and tested friendships. If that weren't bad enough, Indigo begins to realize that things aren't exactly what they appear to be. The vampires are hiding something from the dhampirs. Something that could, quite literally, change the world. Romance. A LOT more action in this than in any other of my stories, so if you enjoy reading good fight scenes, then you'll like this. I must say that I've nailed Indigo's character in this. She's just the perfect combination of bitchy and not-bitchy. :) Please read, and review!

Guardians: This book...I suppose you could say it's reminiscent of the mortal instruments series, as well as Supernatural, the television series. SO if you liked either of those, you'll enjoy this. Summary: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Willow Jones didn't light her house on fire and kill her parents, but everyone in Maine seems to think she did. That's fine with her, though. People suck anyways. She's quite prepared to spend the rest of her high school life being ignored, but when a run through the forest at night ends up with her hearing voices, then blacking out and waking up in a beautiful boy's bed, she realizes that there's more to the world than she ever thought, and that demons and angels are simply a story. Yes, you know the drill. There be romance in here. And, again, there are some very appealing male characters. Sowwy. I can't help myself! Anyways, if you enjoy books about demons, and those that hunt them, check this out!

Birds of a Feather: This book is my first non-magical book ever and I actually really like it. It sort of focuses on the still present struggle with rascism in the 21st century. Give it a chance and I guarantee you'll enjoy it as well!

Gilded: Probably my favourite story on here. A little but more mature themed than anything else I've written, but if you're a fan of fantasy, then definitely give this a read!

I guess now I'll talk about myself:

Meh...I'm not that interesting but here you go. I'm sixteen, I live in Canada with the polar bears and I spend my free time reading, writing, or thinking about things to read and write. I also spend quite a bit of time thinking about Adam Gregory ;).

I have two dogs. They are fat. I love them more than normal and often have full out conversations with them about everything.

Don't hesitate to review my stories. Even a simple "i liked/disliked this" makes me happy. It's always encouraging to hear people's comments on stuff I wrote :D

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