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Silver was recruited to T.W.O. for her eccentric skills, as well as tactical level-headedness. For the very most, Silver jumped at the idea of working with Elliot Salem. Though she is not a born leader, Silver is a born fighter. Her alias is known as "Orion", however, she goes by the nickname Shiro. Silver is very vulgar, and has an arrogant and selfish attitude. Which is dwarfed by Salem's personality much to Rios' surprise. Silver has always been carefree and playful, but gets serious when she fights. Silver is very much a pervert and tends to torture her teammates Alpha and Bravo. Salem always orders her around and she obeys, without almost no issues. Silver's gear is a tactical vest with a patch on the left shoulder that says "A-", and a ballistic mask with sun-shaped decal with light orange flames on the inside of the red-colored sun.

{ W o r k s - i n - P R O G R E S S }


{C o m i n g S O O N }

- Planet Terror -- Post-Apocalyptic Universe [DRAFT]

- Once More -- Fanfic about a war dog; based on Army of Two: The 40th Day [DRAFT]